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‘Dina Gohil’, the well renowned podiatrist, spells out her views on feet and cracked heels. According to her, "As the temperature fluctuates the skin is left hot or cold. When your feet feel cold, it means the skins blood supply to the top layers of the skin have been reduced to preserve heat."

Our body weight is balanced on our heels; heels have to face most of the problems and because of it they get rough. Mostly, we just care our face and skin but we don’t give that much mind on heels and due to this ignorance, heels get dried and the skin start dying. We mostly go through the chemical treatment but they sometime can be very harmful. Therefore, if one tries to follow some of these home and organic remedies which are going to be mentioned, they will be very lucrative in smoothing and softening the cracked and dried skin. Accepting and going through these remedies will never let down at any cost.

Home remedies-

  • Lemon
  • Rice Flour
  • Rose
  • Glycerin
  • Coconut oil
  • Organic heels softener and so on

Have a glance at these elaborated points providing you a convenient way to repair cracked heels-

Organic Heel softener- Doing not the proper care of heels can make them flaky as well as promote the chances of dryness, having dried and torn heels does not let us walk properly. But for an easy step, one can opt for some of the best organic heel softener, and by following which you can easily heal your cracked heels. These softeners are organically made and do not contain any kind of harmful effect, therefore, the proper and gentle massage with them give you a soothing effect on torn and dried heels.

Get Glycerin- Primarily, this liquid was used in most of the things, and it has shown its positive effect on cracked heels too. Yes, owing to have ‘humectants properties, “glycerin is the biggest tool to moisturize the dried heels as well as it helps mending the wound.” You can put 4 to 5 drops of glycerin on slight red wounds happened by pulling dead skin, this will give a very favourable outcome.

Anti-Microbial property in coconut oil- Coconut oil’s consumption is cravingly done in the entire world, this oil is the part of our daily life and it is consumed by thousands of the people. There are tons of products, made of coconut oil, and are coming in the market. If we discuss about to mend cracked heels with coconut oil, that idea will work as panacea in heeling the dried heels, owing to have the ‘anti-microbial properties’ this will help your heels keep off from bacteria.

Mustard oil- Mustard and its oil has always been the part of Indian tradition, its consumption is enormously done in the world. Studies say that the anti-bacterial properties in mustard oil can effortlessly mend the wounds of heels. Therefore, the proper consumption and use of this will give the positive outcome.

Soften and smoothen cracked heels with organic products.


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