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Soft, supple skin is usually seen only on babies. This is because they have not been exposed to the pressures of every day life and the harsh environments of the world. By such constant exposure our skin starts getting rough and tough so as to protect us. By following these simple tips you can get back your baby soft skin even if you still experience such harsh environments.

Simple Techniques For Glowing Young Skin:

  • Cleanse, Moisturize And Exfoliate: These are a necessary prerequisite to smooth young radiant skin. Use a mild skin cleanser which can help you get rid of all the dirt particles that find their way to your skin due to the alarming pollution levels in our cities. Now use the moisturizer because this helps hydrate your skin and keep it firm and healthy, when using a cleanser it strips away your skins oils too, that's why a moisturizer becomes essential. Finally exfoliate twice or more in a week. This helps peel away the dead cell buildup on your skin and helps new young cells breathe easy.

  • Eat Healthy: A balanced diet is essential to keep the body healthy and functioning. Your face mirrors your body’s situation. So a healthy body will have a healthy face. Have a diet loaded with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients so that your system is fit.
  • Hydrate Always: Your body constitutes of 70% water. So any dip in levels of water will affect your body and thereby face adversely .So it is always advisable to drink plenty of water, preferably at least 8 glasses of water.
  • Avoid Sun: It is better that you avoid the sun as the sun rays contain harmful UVA and UVB rays which affect the skin proteins and lead to loosening of skin and formation of wrinkles. The sun’s rays play a major role in the onset of skin aging. If you wish to go out in the sun then use plenty of sunscreen which has SPF value above 15.

  • Rid Your Face-Off Makeup Before Bed: This is very important because when you load your face with make-up you are essentially also blocking all your skin pores. Thus by leaving your make up on you are further suffocating and clogging these pores which lead to faster skin death as well as acne formation.
  • De-stress, Exercise And Detox: Leave all your tensions and anxieties away. A large number of diseases are triggered due to excessive tension and stress. Half the diseases that we contract would go away if we were tension free. Detox your body regularly by having a fruit and veggie only diet once in a while. This helps remove all toxic accumulated wastes. Exercise always!! Very essential.

So if you want soft, supple radiant skin which has a youthful exuberance follow these tips. To view some of our skin care products visit here.


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