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Getting your face prepped for the day is no longer a difficult task. Here is an easy sure shot way to show your natural beauty to the world using some of these techniques. These are inexpensive easy techniques that will help the beauty in you shine. They can be done at home and doesn't require any special high five products.

Make Up Tips To Awaken The Beauty In You:

  • Prep Your Face: First you have to prepare your face for make up. This can be done by following a simple routine of cleansing your face with a cleanser which can be followed up by using an exfoliant to peel of all your dry skin. Thus now you have a moist clean face to work with. Pat dry!
  • Use Moisturizer And Toner: The moisturizer goes a long way in helping your skin stay hydrated, smooth and supple. The toner helps to even out your skin tone so that any abrupt skin tone changes aren't visible. Apply only a very thin layer of toner.

  • Flaw Concealment: Taking care of any immediate flaws such as a breakout, blemish or dark circles is important. You can do this by using concealers. It is important that you don't over do this step as that would give you a very artificial look.
  • Powder: If you tend to have shiny skin due to the excess production of oils by your skin and if it doesn't go away even after cleansing then it would be better that you apply oil absorbing powder onto your skin which would absorb all the excess oils and keep your skin in good condition.
  • Blush: A good tint of blush whether warm or light pink goes a long way in accentuating your cheeks and giving your face a flush of color. It goes a long way in giving your smile a radiance.
  • Define Eyes: Give your eyes a particularly deep and sharp look by lining them. This helps increase the volume of your eyes.

  • Define Lips: Just how defining your eyes gives you a total makeover , doing the same with your lips would give it a chic feel. Do so with the same color you plan to use for your lipstick.
  • Shading: Shading your eyelids help give your eyes feel special and a natural aura. Be sure to not over do it as that would give the opposite effect and make it look fake.
  • Amp Your Lips: Your lips need to feel special. So choose a color that matches your lips and gently apply that over the volume of your lips. It would be better to apply it evenly and also not too much such that all the attention of your face is concentrated on your lips.

These simple easy to follow steps will go a long way in helping you pep up every morning and explore your natural beauty. For viewing our make up products visit.


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