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Gelled hair can never be passé. Be it summer time or winters, gelled hair does look really classy. Here are some tips and suggestions to set newest and hottest hairstyles with hair gels. We would give you some hair styling tips and would advise how to maintain your gelled look. Read ahead –

Change your look

Gel can be applied to varied hair lengths. While short hair in men can be spiked or turned into waves, longer hair in men can be sleeked back for that sophisticated look. Believe, it would turn you into a new person within no time.

Create volume

Those who have thinning hair can apply gel to give an illusion of volume. Add gel to your hair and ruffle them with your fingers. You can give a rustic styling or modern aura to your hair by creating one-sided waves. Your thin hair would suddenly look enormous.  Gel would hold your hair perfectly and prevent the flat look.

For Neat and Exact look

The latest hair cuts are combination of longer and shorter hair. In order to maintain neat and exact hairstyle, gel can be really handy. You can have static parting for long hours without worrying for involuntary ruffling.

Neat Chignon for Women

However neat your chignon is, some stray strands do play truant soon after you step out. Apply a thin layer of gel after settling your chignon and not even a strand would move from its place. Apply gel on the top portion of your hair from front to backward.

Tousled Effect for Women

Wet and shining tousled hair will make you look incredibly attractive. Soon after you are out of bath, take a small dollop of gel on your palm and smear with both hands. Now apply it well to hair and rumple your hair backward. Align your hair with fingers and do not use comb at all.

Shimmery Sleek Hairstyle

For formal hair styling, apply shimmery gel to wet hair and comb backward. Smooth down your hair with gentle hands. If using comb, use fine-combed comb. Make a nape-bun or a ponytail and you are ready with the royal shimmery look.

Retro Hairstyle

You can style your long or mid-length hair with a retro effect. Style your fringes or tresses gel in wavy sweeps with gel. The gel should be of strong hold else the waves won’t stay for long.

More Styling Tips

  • For long lasting effect of gel, apply it gently with fingers first towards middle and then towards outer edges and tips.
  • Choose from wide range of organic hair gels that contain natural ingredients like aloe vera, amla, jojoba, chamomile, rosemary etc.
  • The amount of gel to be used is decided by the time period you want hairstyle to last.
  • Ideally, gel should be applied to damp and not dripping wet hair.
  • Gel is to be rubbed over hair and not to be massaged over scalp

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