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The most common problem faced by infants is the diaper rashes. The area covered by diaper gets rashes and becomes reddish. Sometimes the skin becomes puffy and develops minute red spots too. It is very important to keep children free of diaper rashes for the following reasons –

To Avoid Physical Discomfort

Diaper rash can be very painful for your baby. Your child being an infant won’t be able to speak out his woes. You would have to check from time to time if the cause of his crying is the painful rashes around his nappy area or not.

To Gauge Infection due to Wetness

Wetness is one of the prominent reasons for diaper rashes. If diapers are keeping baby’s nappy area moist, there are chances that skin bacterial infection may follow. This can be really harsh and traumatizing for the baby. If the baby is suffering from diarrhea, take more care as diaper rashes will be even more serious.

To Understand Skin Sensitivity

Sometimes even frequent diaper changes too can lead to rashes. Here wetness is not the culprit but the baby’s sensitive skin is. Diapers’ outermost layer (that stays in contact with baby’s skin) is laced with fine layer of artificial material to make it anti-leak or anti-spill. This artificial layering can harm baby’s sensitive skin, causing trouble. However promising a diaper appears to be, it can never be chemical free.

To Check New Diet

Strange but true! Diaper rashes are also associated with dietary changes. Whenever there is shift from liquid to semi-solid or solid diet, rashes are likely to occur. This calls for constant scrutiny on the parents’ part to keep a check on this. Change in baby’s diet brings change in stool’s composition and that in turn makes the baby’s skin reactive.

To Prevent Enormity

It is important to avoid diaper rashes as seemingly harmless rashes can sometimes become enormous and nasty. If they refuse to go within couple of days despite treatment and care, a doctor should be consulted to avoid serious conditions like skin blisters, pus filled pores, open sores or fungal infection.

To maintain Hygiene

Hygiene is the basic necessity of a child. Avoiding rashes will be the first step towards your child’s hygiene. Prevent development of diaper rashes for it will help your baby grow clean and comfortable. Having rashes can cause development of many consequent issues that he may not be able to even tell you.

To prevent secondary infections

Rashes over baby’s sensitive skin are more vulnerable to secondary infections that can be highly irksome. Rashes, when intensified, can turn graver. They can cause severe chapping of skin with severe secondary infections. Sometimes, the infections can travel upward and affect other body parts too.

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