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Baby Wear: The first step to make your foster baby feel at home is by buying your baby new clothes, towels, pillows, blankets and pampering it with these gifts.

  • Make sure you buy soft towels and blankets that are made up of organic muslin.
  • Ensure that your baby is comfortable with the products you buy.

  • Buy only those baby wear products which in no capacity will harm the health of your baby with their unnecessarily added contents.

Baby Oil: Oiling and massaging are other ways through which you can make your baby feel at home. Massage creates an intimate connection between the baby and you because it involves the sense of touch which is important at a young age because toddlers feel at home only when they know that their parents are the one touching it.

  • Massage your baby carefully, without wearing any sort of jewelry or other accessories in your hands.
  • Keep a watch on your baby’s skin. As it is your foster baby, there is a high chance you do not know what will suit his/her body and what will not. In case of any allergies, consult a doctor immediately.

  • Massaging your baby twice a day, in a light-colored room, will help you and the baby have a relaxing session of massage and togetherness. It is also good for the baby’s health and growth.
  • Make sure you use only organic and natural oils, because baby’s skin is sensitive and very different from adult’s skin. Do not assume that the products which you use will be fit for the baby

Healthy food: Food is another component that makes your home feel home. Food is necessary for a living and healthy food is necessary for a healthy living.

  • Baby food is different from adult food. Unlike adults, babies cannot eat everything
  • It is necessary that you remember to start feeding your baby with the lightest of lightest food.
  • Cereals are a kind of food which will be fit for your baby when you start feeding it food apart from milk and water. Cereals contain fibre which is very important for baby’s

There are many other ways through which you can make your foster baby feel at home. However, the above three ways are among the most important. Love is the best way to make your baby feel at home. If you cannot give it love, then none of the above products matter. After all, things are made for humans and not vice-versa. Thus, shower your love on your baby and pamper it through Joy by nature’s best products .


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