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For many of you, once a baby is born, changing diapers  is one thing you may wish you didn't have to do. You may begin to beg your spouse to take turns doing it. Why does it seem so challenging? It may be mostly due to little knowledge about the tips on changing diapers . While special care should be taken to properly change diapers as it plays an integral role in keeping your baby healthy and his/her spirits high, it is actually an easy task if you follow the instructions properly. Let's check out the ways to change diapers easily and properly.

  1. Find the proper spot.

The place you choose to change diapers plays a very vital role in the act being energy-consuming or not. Do not change diapers by placing your baby on the floor. It will hurt your back and tire you soon. Find an elevated spot like a table made especially for this, and if not, a bed, to do the task.

  1. Keep things at hand.

Make sure you have everything you will need within the reach of your hand before you start changing diapers. Things like wet wipes, diaper rash cream, tissues, fresh diapers, diaper inserts, etc, should be set around you. A bin for discarding used nappies should also be placed nearby.

  1. Keep one hand on your baby at all time.

Make sure your one hand is always placed on your baby's body when you reach for things with your other hand. Even if the baby has not begun to turn on it's own, it is never good to take risks regarding the safety of your child.

  1. How to change diapers.
  • Wash your hands
  • Strip your baby of clothes from the waist down and then unfasten the nappy holding your baby by the ankles. Hold the nappy in place for a moment and then wipe the excess pee or poop using the used nappy. Throw it away.
  • Wipe your baby's bottom and genital areas clean using either lukewarm water or wet wipes. For girl babies, the wiping should be done from the front to back to prevent infection while for boys, the underside of his penis should be cleaned gently yet thoroughly.

  • Wipe dry using a tissue or towel. This goes a long way to prevent rashes. If there are rashes already, apply diaper rash cream .
  • If you can wait a while before putting on the next diaper and let the skin air dry, it would be good.
  • Lift the bottom off the floor by holding the ankles and push the proper side of the nappy underneath. Make sure it is positioned correctly and fasten it leaving enough space to slide in two fingers.

  • Wash your hands and you are done!

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