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Your baby can eat solid foods when it turns six months old. When your baby is ready to have solid foods a mom should be prepared to nourish the child by making different recipes that are good to taste and healthy for the body. Overall, the baby should experience a good sense of tastes and have a good time eating solid food.

Baby Food hygiene

Once your baby starts to eat solid food, freshness and cleanliness of food becomes important as baby's immune system is still under developed. Stomach of the baby is vulnerable to infections and bugs.

Before giving solid foods to your baby, you might have to consult your doctor. When you have made the decision to feed your baby with solid foods, keep the equipment free of germs. Wash bowls, spoons and other feeding equipment that you will use in hot water and wipe them using clean towel or paper tissues.

Other than keeping the food clean, you have to maintain a good hygiene with the child. Wash hands of the baby, wipe the chairs, and clean spot where you serve food. If you are using cleaning cloth then wash it often or change it.

Serving food to your baby

If you are using food from the fridge, make sure you heat it up and cool down to a comfortable temperature before serving it to your baby. For some of the fruit related recipes you don't have to heat them but definitely serve them at a comfortable temperature.

More baby food safety tips

  • Do not overheat baby food
  • Stir the food thoroughly to avoid hot spots
  • Cook eggs until the white and yolk are solid
  • Cook meat until there is no pink color in it
  • Wash the vegetables and fruits
  • Do not give sushi or raw fish foods

How can I store food safely?

If you are preparing batches of baby food in advance, then store them in the fridge and use it within 24 hours. Do not store the leftover food, throw it away. Food that has come in contact with saliva can grow bacteria and could be bad for the baby's body. Moreover check the expiry date on the food to know how long you can store the food. Ensure that the seals on the jars and cans are not broken to confirm if there is no bacterium or fungus residing in it. Also it would be best if you store the food between 0 to 6 degrees in the fridge.
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