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Babies tend to have a weak immune system and in the months of cold or uneven weather, the chances of catching a disease are very high. Hence, it is paramount to ensure that their body temperature is maintained at a safe level. Covering your toddlers with sleeping blankets can prove to be beneficial for both the baby and you.


  • Putting the right blankets over can calm a crying baby and encourage sleep.
  • Sleeping blankets help control the baby’s body temperature in the night.
  • The blankets are comfortable and provide enough spacefor proper leg movement of the baby. makes it stand out. These blankets are breathable and soft.
  • Versatility of these baby blankets makes it stand out as they can also be readily used as a cushioning material your baby’s eating time.
  • Babies tend to have a very random hand motion and frequently put their fingers in their mouth. These blankets help immobilising their arms and assist their neuromuscular development

These blankets are woven with cotton muslin. Cotton makes it cool and lightweight. Another striking feature is that these stuffs become softer and better with age. Talking about varieties, we offer you these sleeping blankets in different colours. These blankets are best suited for babies of up to a year old.

Sleeping bags- A new concept

Sleeping bags are a state–of–art product in the field of baby care. These bags ensure a sound night’s sleep for your little toddler. Now you can also have a comfortable sleep without worrying about your infant kicking off his blanket during night.

These bags contain a loop around the arm which ensures that the zip chains do not hurt the baby.They are designed such that diaper change in the middle of night will never be a problem.

These sleeping bags are manufactured with cent percent organic muslin. They are best fit for summer and monsoon.One of the unique features of muslin is that it is breathable and it becomes softer with every wash.

How to use these blankets?

These sleeping blankets are perfect providing warmth and security to your baby. But you must observe the following precautions.

  • Never place your baby on his stomach while sleeping
  • The blanket should be at the shoulder level
  • Fold the bottom part of blanket and tuck it behind your baby so that leg movements are free.
  • Tuck the blanket under the baby’s arm on both sides.

Apart from blankets, there are numerous other baby care products such as muslin bibs and mattresses. Have a look at them too.


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