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All of us, no matter how old, hate the sound of babies crying. Babies are prone to crying most in the bathroom especially when their heads are dowsed with water i.e. when their hair is being washed. This is the most overwhelming part for any parent to successfully wash their babies without having to a whole soothing and prepping session before and after!

Added to this is the concern that the chemicals used in most products cause irritation to the baby, especially if it gets in the eyes. Here’s where tear-free shampoos come to the rescue!

How to select the correct product for your baby

Most over-the-counter baby shampoos and bath washes do not necessarily come optimized to suit your baby. Worse still, they may not actually be ‘tear-free’ even though many brands do claim it. Here are a few tips to select the right baby shampoo for your infant.

  • A good rule to have while selecting the proper baby shampoo is to ensure that it doesn’t irritate your own eyes. Try dabbing it over your own skin to see if it causes any irritation and dilute it to wash your face to see if it stings in the eyes.

  • Go for organic options. Chances of causing your baby some irritation are greater with non-organic products. Go with a product that is derived from fruits to get that added vitamin content.

  • Most baby bath washes can also be doubled up as shampoos, cleansing agents and bath water liquids. Use a single product to cover all your baby needs if you can’t find any other harmless equivalent.

How to shampoo your baby

While bathing your baby, it is important to create a proper environment for comfort. Bathing is as it is a difficult experience. Added to that, shampoo is a whole different deal. Here’s how you can make it easier:

  • Temperature control: ensure the bath temperature is not scalding hot or too cold. A good rule of thumb is to dip your finger in the water. Baby’s feel the temperature with a degree or two of difference so add that up.
  • Do not scrub scalp: gently massage shampoo into the hair and not directly onto the scalp.
  • Do not use more than a tiny pea sized dollop: try not use excessive shampoo as baby’s skin is sensitive, especially the scalp and hair. Use just enough to lather and wash off leaving your baby’s hair neat and shiny!

    Try tear free organic shampoos today to get that smiling baby bath experience! Click here to browse through more tear-free shampoo options.


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