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Nowadays the problem of mosquitoes is not just limited to the night because some species are equally active during the day. Hence your baby needs 24 hours protection from mosquitoes.

Chemical based mosquito destroyers

Of course there are many different products available in the market, which claim to repel or even kill mosquitoes. However, one disadvantage of most of these popular products is that they are chemical based mosquito killers. The fumes let out by these products are harmful for the health when inhaled by humans and this is especially true of babies and children as their systems are more sensitive. At the same time, these products usually kill the mosquitoes, which according to many people is a cruel practice. This is the reason the trend nowadays is changing towards natural mosquito repellants which don’t really kill the mosquitoes, but effectively prevent them from causing harm to humans. One of the most popular natural ingredient used for repelling mosquitoes is Citronella oil. Let us look at the working and advantages of this natural oil.

Facts about Citronella oil

The oil of Citronella is obtained from the plant of the Cymbopogon genus family with the help of steam distillation of the grass. People who use the science of aromatherapy are usually familiar with this essential oil which has many different benefits along with being a natural mosquito repellant. It has been classified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a biopesticide which has a non toxic mosquito repellant action.

This is the reason that it is used in different forms for protection from mosquitoes and its non toxic nature makes it especially suitable for babies. There are many products available in the market that contain Citronella oil, but the most suitable for the little ones are bands containing this oil which can be worn on the body of the child.

This is because other products like candles or diffusers may either carry the hazard of fire or require electricity to operate. In either case it could pose a hazard for the child

The benefits of Citronella oil bands for babies

The best part is that a band containing Citronella oil will provide 24 hour protection from mosquitoes for your baby and at the same time provide many additional benefits. For instance, this is one of the most common oil in aromatherapy used for the treatment and prevention of colds, headaches and fevers. Hence a band of citronella oil mainly meant for repelling mosquitos will also prevent your child from contracting a cold or fever.

The oil of Citronella also has a pleasant spicy aroma which will be very pleasant for your child and ensure that your baby does not feel agitated or uncomfortable because of it. This is one of the major disadvantages of chemical based mosquito repellants because they have a pungent and rather unpleasant smell. Hence a band containing Citronella oil is one of the best option for babies and if you wish to learn more about this product you can click here


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