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With a plethora of swaddling options available, you have a range of choices from which to choose a good swaddling blanket for your newborn baby which will provide him the comfort he needs for uninterrupted sleep.

  • Aden + Anais Swaddling Blankets: Start off your baby with the Aden + Anais swaddling blankets, which are made of 100% cotton. Even though they are light, they ensure that your newborn is kept warm. The added advantage of these blankets is that the more that you wash them the softer they become. The only disadvantage being that they are not tight enough for a growing baby.

  • Halo Sleep Sack: Switch over to the Halo Sleep Sack, which are either 100% polyester made or 100% cotton made. They also come in three different sizes – preemie, newborn and small. Many of these Halo Sleep Sack swaddling blankets come in two parts – the sack itself and the swaddle and are popular because they are easy to use. They come with a zipper and Velcro tabs.But once your baby becomes stronger, the Halo sleep sacks are not enough to help keep his hands from moving towards his mouth ending his beauty sleep as he tries to suckle.
  • Summer Infant Swaddleme: This also comes with Velcro design but is available in beautiful colors and various designs. It looks cute and is also easy to use. Summer Infant Swaddleme has two sizes – small / medium and large. It is inconvenient due to the fact that the numerous Velcro tabs can keep getting stuck on your baby’s clothing.

  • Miracle Blanket: If you want to swaddle your baby with the Miracle blanket, you will need to follow a series of wrapping processes as it does not come with zippers or Velcro designs. You need to tuck in each arm separately and wrap the long tails around the baby. The baby’s legs stay warm in the separate pouch provided for them. The swaddling process might confuse some, but the miracle blanket does help to keep your little one warm. The only downside is that it comes in a single size only.
  • Woombie: A very quick, simple and easy way of swaddling your baby is by using the Woombie swaddling blanket. Just put your baby inside it and then zip it. The stretchy fabric allows your baby the freedom of moving around.
  • Swaddle Pod: There is not much difference between the Woombie and a Swaddle Pod though Woombies are more expensive. The Swaddle Pod prevents startle reflex in newborns and hence is best suited for them.

  • Swaddle Buddy: This is ideal for active and wiggly infants. Swaddle Buddy are legless and are useful in swings and bouncy seats.
  • Swaddle Strap: Swaddle Straps are small and come in different vibrant colors. These swaddling blankets are also useful for active infants and are perfect for swings and bouncy seats though they are a bit expensive.
  • Swaddle Buddy Sack: The Swaddle Buddy Sack comes in small and large sizes. These swaddling blankets keep your active baby perfectly tucked-in by preventing your baby’s arms from getting unwrapped with its hook and loop system.

Invest in a swaddling blanket to ensure that both you and your baby get enough rest. Click here to go through the different swaddling blankets for your new-born baby.


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