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Soya Beans

My dad is 52 years old and a year back he complained of having a severe pain in his chest area. He was treated immediately for pain relief but that did not last for long. Then we got the Lipoprotein Analysis results that said my dad is under the risk of heart disease since 130mg/dL was his LDL levels and 150mg/dl was his

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Triglycerides which was quite high. The doctor demanded him to cut down his bad cholesterol and triglycerides at the earliest. He demanded to change my dad’s lifestyle and specifically his food habits.

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Soybeans are excellent in cutting down bad cholesterol and is good for the heart too. Eating one serving of soybeans every day lowers bad cholesterol on an average by 0.17 points in about 6 weeks. Soybeans are a good source of fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals which play a major role in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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Every day, I made sure that my dad got to eat one serving of organic soybeans that was added to his dals and curries. Six weeks later I took for another Lipoprotein Analysis and found that his bad cholesterol and triglycerides were reduced remarkably. Eating a soybean rich diet came in as the best solution, at the right time. Today my dad’s LDL and Triglyceride levels are normal and he hasn’t had a chest pain ever since.

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Some tips for you to get the best benefits:

  • Try buying organic soybeans from online organic stores. They are free from chemicals and are capable of providing you maximum benefits.
  • One serving size is approximately 3/4 cup of cooked soybeans which is your ideal portion per day.
  • If you find that soybeans cause bloating, try cooking these beans with lots of garlic that reduces stomach flatulence.


About the author:

Neena Prithvi is a business woman living with her family in Calicut. She loves organic food and is a regular Joy by Nature customer. In the above piece, she talks about her search to find an effective solution to reduce her dad’s bad cholesterol.