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My grandma was diagnosed a couple of years ago with knee arthritis which caused a lot of pain to her. Painkillers helped her to stretch her legs but when she wanted to walk with the help of crutches the pain was more intense.When we went back to the clinic, the doctor said the X-ray showed arthritis of the knee and gave Tylenol and Glucosamine medications. He said that the last option apart from painkillers would be a knee replacement surgery.

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After taking the medications for a couple of months, my grandma felt a little better but the results were very slow. I wanted to help her out and I went online on several discussion forums to know if people suffering from knee arthritis found any help other than medications. I found out that at least 4 tablespoons of raw, organic sesame seeds every day worked better than the drugs that they were administered to.

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Sesame seeds are rich in organic compounds that consist of calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, copper, zinc, thiamine, folate, tryptophan, proteins and vitamin B6. All these compounds boost bone health. They create new bone matter, strengthen and repair injured and weakened bones due to several conditions like knee arthritis.

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I asked my grandma to have 4 tablespoons of sesame seeds every day morning before breakfast. I reserved the remaining to be added to her salads and afternoon tea time snacks. I garnished her cookies with organic sesame seeds. In the next six months, she felt better. The intensity of her knee pain was reduced and these sesame seeds worked alongside the prescribed medications and fastened the recovery process.

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Recommended dosage of sesame seeds for knee arthritis:

  • If your pain is intense, you can take sesame seeds along with your medications. This regulates the efficiency of your medicines.
  • You can take 90grams which will be approximately 4 tablespoons per day.
  • For maximum benefits, always use organic raw sesame seeds. The one I am regularly using for my grandma is organic sesame seeds by Conscious Foods.
  • Grind the seeds using a mortar and pestle and have it as such or mixed in your salads. You can also whip up a Tahini to go with your Pita.


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