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 Coconut Oil

A recent article changed my views on coffee forever. But the one thing that still managed to hold on to me was the coffee stains on my teeth. It was so obvious and clearly visible when I tried on a dark shade lipstick. I didn’t want to bleach my teeth since it was a harmful solution. So I was hoping to find an easy DIY solution and found one that came in handy at the right time. I always use extra virgin coconut oil to moisturize my hair and it turned out that I can use the same in my mouth every morning to get pearly white teeth.

Earthon Coconut Oil 200ml

I started rinsing my mouth with 1 teaspoon of extra virgin coconut oil, first thing in the morning and followed for 6 months. I noticed that the coffee stains had vanished gradually and my teeth were slowly becoming whiter and brighter. I continued this remedy for almost a year and all the coffee stains were now gone.

Joybynature Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 200ml

Swishing with extra virgin coconut oil before brushing in the morning removes all the harmful bacteria that stick onto the teeth and gums. It acts as an excellent cleanser that detoxifies your system. When all the bacteria are washed away, your teeth enamel is also renewed and as a result you get whiter teeth.

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Some dos and don’ts:

  • Don’t use any oil, but use only organic extra virgin coconut oil which is superior to any other oils.
  • Follow this procedure only early in the morning right after you get out of bed.
  • After swishing your mouth, never swallow the oil as it contains all the disease-causing bacteria. Spit it out immediately and thereafter brush your teeth as you would every day.

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About the author:

Sneha Gupta is a copywriter, residing in Mumbai. She says she follows an organic lifestyle by buying only organic food items. She regularly shops at Joy By Nature and never forgets to try whenever there’s a new organic product put up for sale. In the above article, she shares her own experience in using a quick and easy solution to get whiter teeth.