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My 6-year-old son Deepak, started to face a problem with his memory by the time he got to kindergarten. When I asked him about his day at school, he often replied that he forgot. He was not being communicative and simply couldn’t remember anything that happened that day. This started to bother me a lot, since as a kindergarten and elementary school is all about processing and storing all kinds of information, from the moment he wakes up until he goes to bed, he’s expected to remember his routine and all that he learns at class. My concerns grew because if he can’t remember his letters and numbers then he will have a tough time in reading, spelling and solving maths.

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Several activities were tried to improve his memory by spending extra time with him to make sure all my efforts were fruitful, but I wanted to boost his memory by giving him supplements as well. When I was searching for such a magical ingredient that would help his memory, I came to know about Spirulina aids to boost memory levels. With children being picky eaters, Spirulina improves the nutritional intake of school going children. It improves their academic performance by increasing the amount of Tryptophan which is an amino acid the body uses to synthesize two important brain chemicals Serotonin and Melatonin that are responsible for the brain performance.

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Spirulina improves the mental health and cognitive abilities and the overall performance of the brain and as a result, the memory power increases. Kids need only 2g of Spirulina every day to improve their memory. Additionally, Spirulina is a complete protein that is a very effective solution to malnutrition. One gram of Spirulina has less than 4 calories and it is the best form of nutrition without the risk of obesity.

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As I started to give my son Spirulina, I noticed remarkable improvements in his academic performance. I stirred a spoonful of Organic Spirulina powder in his daily fruit smoothie. Now he has no problem in remembering his daily routine and class lessons and I enjoy listening to all the stories that he now has to say, every day.

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Buying tips that might help you:

  • Buy organic Spirulina only from a company you know.
  • Read the label of the product. It must give you all the information you need. If the label lacks information, then don’t buy it.
  • Avoid buying low priced ones since it might not be pure.
  • Check for the color of the powder, it must be dark and green.
  • When you smell it, it must be a natural seaweed smell.
  • If the powder tastes too sweet or strange, it is not original.
  • A good quality Spirulina must have less moisture and be soft like fresh flour.


My son’s memory power increased a lot after I started giving him Spirulina and now he lives a happier life by being able to concentrate more on the work that he does, especially his studies.


About the author:

Kavitha Rajagopal is a homemaker living in Chennai. She is also a frequent shopper at Joy By Nature. In the above article, she speaks about how she managed to find a unique solution for her son’s memory issues and how it turned out to be an instant remedy.