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When my 1-year old shifted to Delhi from Mumbai, she could not bear the January cold, and was sick most of the times.  Both I and my husband were very opposed to giving her anti-biotics or cold medicines on a regular basis.  So both of us researched, and spoke to a lot of people on finding a natural solution to this.
That is when we zeroed in on the trio of Ginger, Honey and Tulsi.  If you research on the net, you will find that each of these have superb invidual qualities - Ginger is a great Anti-Inflammatory, Honey is among the best natural energy source and Anti-bacterial, Tulsi has strong anti-allergic properties.  So we worked out a concoction 50% honey, 50% ginger juice and fresh tulsi added either mashed or small pieces, as per comfort.  The made the concoction to last upto 10-days after which we made fresh concoctions.
We also realized that while this would take time to show its impact, the result would be lasting. So we continued this 'supplement' on an on-going basis.  We kept adjusting the quantities - 3 times a day when she had cold, 2 times when she was better, only once at night when she was fine but the weather was changing.  When everything was fine, we stopped it too to see how things were shaping up.  In summers, we reduced the ginger quantity a little bit to not make it too hot for our daughter.  

Today my daughter is 4-years old, and I must say that this concoction has helped her build solid immunity and fight the vagaries of weather, cold and cough with more strength.  The overall duration for which she catches cold, if at all, has gone down, and she seems to be in an overall better state of health, as compared to earlier, when most of the times, the cold and the cough kept pulling her down.

Important points to note:
1. while we tried 50% each of honey and ginger juice, if it became too spicy, we increased the honey.  So see whats palatable for you/your baby
2. use a good quality raw honey - the commercial brands may not be too good, and might be sugar laden.  We use Raw Honey by Societe Naturelle, or Organica
3. Tulsi is good to have, so you can skip it whenever you are not able to find it; honey and ginger are must
4. recommended dosage: 3 times a day when suffering from cold, 2 times when cold is better, once a day can be given on an on-going basis
5. Everyone responds differently - make changes to the above - increase/decrease/stop - as per your individual response
6. DO NOT GIVE Honey to babies below 1-year of age


About the Author:

Swati is a Joybynature.com customer and a mother of a 4-year old now based in Delhi.  She is a natural products and lifestyle enthusiast and likes to share her experiences related to this.  The above piece is a direct result of her initial exasperation with her daughter's persistent cold and cough, for which she was determined to find a long lasting answer. The article is to inspire people to adopt therapies that have long lasting beneficial effects on their wellbeing.

If you have any inspirational story where you eliminated or radically cured any persistent wellbeing issue of yours or your family member, please do share like the above story.  That would be a tremendous inspiration to other readers, and your contribution to enhancing wellbeing of others!