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Incense is something which releases an attracting smoke when burnt.  It can create a heavenly ambience around you and can help you repel that stinky smell which always drives you insane. Two types of incense are direct burning and indirect burning. These incenses are mainly used religious rituals. It was a misconception that Hindu religion is the only religion where incense is used as it is considered sacred, but incense is used in other religions also. There are various ways to shape incense. It can be in cone shape, it can be an incense stick or it can be burnt in the incense burner. Incense is not just an air freshener, but it can also help you in concentration and motivation.

Incense burner is a kind of a tool in which incense is burnt and it adds beauty to that amazing aroma. This amazing tool is used from ancient time and is still in use. Incense burner is a type of device which is filled with incense and burnt. The smoke from it makes our room full of heaven and attracts everyone who ever passes by. There are various types of incense burner like electric incense burner, car incense burner, wooden incense burner, crystal incense burner and many others.


  • Electric incense burner is a burner which runs on the usage of electricity. It is very easy to use and it produces less smoke as compared to other burners.


  • Car incense burners are those burners which are designed according to the usage of it in car. They are small in size and help you in driving away the foul smell from your car.


 Crystal incense burners are mainly used in houses. They are made up of crystals and are small in size. It not only helps you to remove the stinky smell from your room but also adds beauty to your room.

There are many ways to burn incense. Two main ways are incense stick and incense burner.  Incense stick is a form of incense which is designed in the form of sticks and is easily available everywhere and are cheap. But there are some advantages of incense burner over incense stick.


  • Incense burner is also known as ash catcher. Incense sticks are very common and can be found in every corner of this world. But incense burners are quite different thing. They are not so common, but they usually catch your attention. As they are more beautiful than those simple incense stick.
  • Incense burners are not only beautiful, but they are eye catchers also. They can easily grab your attention while incense sticks do not have any appeal to it if the aroma is not consider.
  • Now, if the aroma is also taken into consideration, let me tell you that these organic incense burners have more fragrance than incense sticks. This fragrance can make you feel heavenly.
  • Incense sticks are not so big in size and have limited amount of incense on it while incense burner can last for more time and its aroma can make you feel like you are in the temple.
  • We cannot burn incense sticks in a car, but incense burner can be kept in a car. There are various types of car incense burner which are available in the market. These incense burner can pep up your car with its astounding fragrance.
  • Electric Incense sticks are not available, but electric incense burners are available in market which releases less smoke and very easy to use.
  • A fragrance of incense burner can last for a long time, which can help you concentrate easily. Incense burners are used to increase the ability of concentration power.
  • These organic incense burners are very useful as well as they are not adulterated with chemicals like in incense sticks.
  • Organic incense burners are also known as aroma therapy products while incense sticks are not used as the therapy products as it cannot last for long.
  • These organic products are made with the oil which is extracted from tree barks, flowers.
These organic products i.e. incense burners will always have benefits over incense sticks and can help the human kind in many possible ways.


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