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If you are searching for some soothing fragrances having multiple tasks to perform, Organic Incense Sticks should be the right choice. Making the air extremely refreshing and quite pacifying too, these organic incense sticks are an ideal option which fit well in the budget line also. The economical organic incense sticks have other health benefits also due to which people find them feasible. Burning of natural incense has some positive physical and psychological effects in the atmosphere as it is free from all harsh chemicals causing harm to the health of people. Few health advantages like antidepressant, anti-stress, and antiseptic, stimulant, useful in cold and calming; are possessed in these Ayurveda Incense sticks. Choosing Herbal air fresheners is also good for bringing in prosperity and wealth in the house. No breathing problems are caused with the nature’s aroma as it is anti-bacterial. This beautiful Home living Organic product is a must for every household and choosing Natural Aroma over Modern Chemicals is what we would like to propagate among all for their self-benefits.


  • Vishuddha Aroma

This is one of the outstanding Herbal Incense being made of 100% pure botanical herbs promoting good health and sweet fragrance. Vishuddha means the “Throat Chakra” and so the mesmerising fragrance of this incense provide a healing effect on our Throat centre through which we communicate to others and it also controls our self-expression.  Vishuddha Throat Chakra incense is an amazing aroma which is a blend of ancient Vedic medicinal values and with yogic energy that spreads the sense of security and safety. It has been made of pure herbs and resins thereby free from any toxic chemicals and aromatises the ambience beautifully.


  • Wealth Showers


There different aromas for different purposes. During the worshipping of god, each god has its own different incense sticks with its name to ensure that the blessings are completely showered with the surety of fruitful results. Laxmi Incense sticks are the ideal blend of rose, sandalwood, jasmine and orange to the divine incense while conducting the holy rituals. These pure herbal bamboo sticks provide a blissful aroma unlike those charcoal sticks dipped into chemicals. The nature’s aroma with all its extracts creates a paradise in the surroundings which is perfect for meditation purposes too. 


  • Good Luck Vibes


Smooth and soothing aroma having a combination of orange, lavender, lemon, chamomile and petitgrain is perfect for the rituals of Shri Ganesha who always showers good luck on his worshippers and is always remembered before starting any new work. Ganesh Incense Cones are the made of pure natural plants and extracts delivering the slow-burning and smooth sensation all over the air. The refreshing fragrance makes the surroundings enlightening and obstacle free.


  • Mental Strength


Often, our thinking power and vision is moulded by the atmospheric aromas. There are some organic aromas with Vedic and Yogic energy to strengthen the ability to memorise, think, imagine, meditate, understand and increases our intuition power too. Ajna Third Eye Chakra Incense is that powerful natural misturetype of herbs and resins that makes our psychic vision strong and gives a sensation divine while smoothly burning. The room is also full of fascinating odour that any one will be spellbound.


  • Health Benefits


Organic smells are so enchanting that anyone will be hypnotised by them. Coming on to the health benefits it delivers, there is long list of incense sticks have healthy qualities. Lavender incense is known for treating the problem of insomnia and helping individuals to induce sleep. They have an added benefit of sedative properties. Vanilla Incense is useful for pacifying the anger and anxiety. It helps to combat the stress undergoing and soothing the nervous system. Frankincense Incense is another organic product which supports in purifying the air all around and also overcome the sadness and depression. It promotes a healthy atmosphere with calmness and smoothness. Click here for more items.


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