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Incense has a great history in Indian culture. Atharva Veda and Rig Veda are the oldest source of incense in India. Incense sticks not only create pleasant aromas but can also act as a medicinal tool. As it was also used as a medicinal tool, incense making was almost exclusively done by the monks in the ancient times. Incense making and burning was exclusive to India at first but then it was also introduced in many other countries by Indians.

 The most basic ingredient of incense sticks are bamboo sticks. Then there are other ingredients like adhesives, perfumed ingredients and a mixed powder of ground ingredients. In India, the state of Karnataka is called the capital of incense sticks as they are its leading producers along with the states of Bangalore and Mysore being the main manufacturing centres. Incense sticks are like these refreshing and pretty little magic wands. Their beauty lies in their fragrance. Their fragrance makes them useful in various places from simple meditations to elaborate rituals.

Some of the most common uses of incense sticks are as given below:

  • In various spell works, incense sticks are often used to aid or adjust the energy of the surrounding area
  • During meditation so as to help increase concentration
  • It is often used as a helping hand to achieve astral projection
  • It is also used as an aid in lucid dreaming
  • In the processes of exorcisms or cleansing of souls, incense sticks are used as a way to purify the surrounding areas
  • Certain types of incenses can also be used to attract or repel specific kinds of entities to an area
  • Incense sticks are also used in past life regression therapies

There are many kinds of incenses and most of them have a special purpose too along with the general one.

Some of them are given below:

  • Amber incense – good for meditations as well as past life regression therapies
  • Cedar wood incense – used for spells meant to increase virility in men, burnt in castles within armies prior to battles or in newly built temples to announce strength.
  • Cinnamon incense – good for lust spells and aphrodisiac spells. It is also capable of providing energy to other spells.

  • Frankincense – promotes peace and calmness. It is used in ending arguments or conflicts, bringing peace, resolution to enemies and also as an aid for meditation.
  • Ginger incense – these are associated to fire and are good for lust or desire spells.
  • Jasmine incense – these are mostly associated to love. These are the incense sticks that are good to be used for spells that promote inner beauty and friendship.
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