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Scent is crucial to transforming a space and making it livable. Even the tiniest malodor can impart stress, discomfort, or plain disgust. These are obviously not what anyone needs in a home where familes and friends often spend time together.


Not just any scent will do, but natural and sensuous ones. There are gorgeous scents out there that are suffused with chemical poisons. Go for wholesome options, because these scents are carried through living spaces and are breathed in by young and old alike; you need them to be organically inspired and safe.


  1. How to Scent a Bathroom / Restroom

The number one locale in a residence where ill smells can source is the bathroom. A slight opening of the door is all it takes to waft a bad odor to the outside. These smells can carry infections and they most certainly contain harmful bacteria; there is a reason they smell bad.


  • In the scented home living product of your choice for bathrooms, make sure you look for disinfectant properties. A good scent to mask a bad odor should not be your first aim.
  • Next, choose your scent. As long as it is invigorating and refreshing you have made a good selection.
  • All such products, if they have ideal quality, will come with a duration. How long will the scent last? Go for the ones that can stay for 24 hours or more. Anything less is simply not good enough; value for money.



  1. I Want Common Air Fresheners, Nothing Fancy, To Scent My Home

If that is your desire, bear in mind that expensive products do not always provide quality.


  • Popular choices like citrus, rose, and sandalwood abound in this category.
  • They should be mild and stress relieving not intense and overbearing. There is a difference between air fresheners and perfumes, though both come under the category of scents.
  • Common air fresheners do not necessarily need to have disinfectant properties but they most certainly need to last a while.
  • However, with people coming in and going out, doors and windows being open and shut, drafts and breezes making their way through, and so on, you can at most expect residential air fresheners to last about two hours on average between sprays.


Those two hours will be well worth it, of course, especially if you are having friends, relatives, or guests over.


  1. Are There Scents To Help Me Sleep Better At Night; Something Aromatic Not Medicinal?

Indeed there are such scents available on the market. Most of them are quite medicinal in nature but even among these, a good scent can be hard to find.


  • Much like aromatherapy, sleep-encouraging scents (not sleep-inducing, mind you; there is a difference) should smell good and work effectively.
  • These ‘sleep mists’ usually comprise a blend of essential oils that are converted into a mild colorless spray that spreads across the room; much like an electrical mosquito repellant product.
  • However, for more convenience and effectiveness, it is best you buy manual sprays that you can spread on your pillow, bedsheets, clothing, or into the room itself before bed.
  • Make sure that such products contain antibacterial properties.



  1. I Love the Smell Of incense In the Morning

Classic and powerful, beautiful and sensuous, incense sticks are evergreen when it comes to scenting living spaces up.


  • Incense is all about the aroma. It needs to be intense, because the very design of incense sticks or cubes is to spread that intensity around.
  • As the scent diffuses it grows mild, settles onto objects and fabric, and lingers.
  • Orange, lavendar, jasmine, rose, sandalwood, and exotic scents comprise the options available for incense products.
  • Make sure they are slow-burning. Otherwise they simply burn out from tip to base too fast and the scent will not diffuse consistently. Wafts, drafts, people moving about and so on will take the incense out rather quickly. Before long, nothing much will be left in the air to enjoy.
  • Similar to incense is potpouri (dried and scented florals and other organics that impart a sensual scent to the environment) and exotic sprays that mimic incense or complex scent combinations like rain drenched forests, imperial halls, open fields or meadows, summer days, and so on.


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