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Organic Mosquito Repallent

Organic Mosquito Patches are the safest natural way to repel mosquitoes, especially in the summer months when diseases from bug bites affect most people and prove dangerous or even epidemic in nature. While families are often stressed out countering the devastating effects of mosquito bites, one of the potent solutions is to adopt preventive measures like anti-Mosquito Patches, in order to prevent mosquito bites and infections. Even when resorting to these preventive measures, risks are many, since the number of commercial products available in the market is varied and also include chemical agents in the form of mosquito repellants.

While chemically formulated Mosquito Patches might be effective, they might also contain certain ingredients which cause allergies to the skin and underlying tissue, especially in children and people with sensitive skin. It is, therefore, wise to go in for organically formulated Mosquito Patches as a safe and effective alternative to counter the effects of mosquito bites in children and adults.

Why You Should Only ChooseAll Natural and Organic Mosquito Patches that are Free from DEET

Traditionally, the market for Mosquito Patches primarily contained products that were made from a chemical compound named DEET, derived from coal tar. DEET is chemical in nature and is a powerful solvent. That means DEET can rapidly cause damage to a number of materials like plastics, paints and fabrics. Hence it has to be stored separately from sports or camping equipment. Another damage causing feature of DEET is its ability to be rapidly absorbed into the skin due to its strong chemical and solvent nature. As a result, when using DEET based Mosquito Patches, it was only advisable to be applied for a maximum of two times per day. Even this is quite troublesome at times for children’s sensitive skin.

Furthermore, mosquitoes have the tendency of developing resistance to repellent creams containing DEET and such creams often tend to lose their efficacy quite quickly. The other disadvantage from using creams containing DEET is the environmental damage caused from the chemical agent. A number of tests have shown that DEET is quickly introduced to the ecosystem through a wide range of waterways, through which the chemical is introduced into the bodies of animals and into plants. Since it is not biodegradable, there is a danger to flora and fauna and a high chance of creating a permanent imbalance in the ecosystem.

How are Natural Organic Mosquito Patches Superior to Traditional Chemical Repellants

Organic Mosquito Patches manufactured from natural materials neither raise environmental concerns nor are harmful to the plant and animal life. Further, since the Mosquito Patches are natural and organic and are manufactured in a facility that is also environmentally safe, their efficacy is unaffected even after repeated use. Also, the product performance in driving away mosquitoes is unmatched and unaffected irrespective of whether conditions or mosquito infestation in a particular area.


The major advantage in using natural and organic Mosquito Patches comes from the fact that they can be used for toddlers and children due to the safety that is ensured from their organic nature. Natural Organic Mosquito Patches are effective ways to repel mosquitoes that carry potentially harmful and toxic microorganisms, responsible for disease and death. They are the best form of mosquito repelling options that are both environment-friendly and family friendly.


Further to this, natural organic Mosquito Patches, like all other organically manufactured products adhere to the strictest standards of safety and quality. Mosquito Patches that are manufactured from natural substances that have been organically cultivated are free from chemical odors and tested to ensure that they do not pose even the slightest risks to human health before they make it into the wider market. Lastly, they are free from potential allergens that might cause health hazards and even while the warning label might contain information about eye irritation, the potential harm is only 1% when compared to chemical agents and can be quickly reversed through washing with water or medical advice and first aid.

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