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Citronella oil is one of the most widely used oils in aromatherapy, its accompanying aromatherapy Candles, for personal care and as a cleaning agent, due to the wide range of antimicrobial properties locked in the essential oil. The most popular use of Citronella oil is as a mosquito repellant, which is both safe and as efficacious as a pesticide. Citronella oil is not toxic to humans or animals or to the environment. Due to the naturally inherent chemical properties of Citronella oil, it is added to a number of products like creams, lotions and even candles to repel insects, especially mosquitoes.

How Beneficial are Citronella Oil Candles as Insect Repellents

Citronella oil is one of the many oils that blends well with most waxes, and can be used to make effective candles for repelling mosquitoes, alongside providing a number of beneficial effects to the skin and respiratory system. Citronella oil has a characteristic soothing smell that is both sharp as well as has a healing aspect to it. Citronella oil candles emit strong antiseptic, antimicrobial and antifungal substances to the environment which help drive away insects effectively. Citronella oil candles are often used as garden candles in seasons when mosquitoes create quite a havoc to families looking for a relaxing day out from a busy schedule. The method in which Citronella oil works is by disorienting the insects’ ability to detect and get attracted to the scent that helps it find and attack its victim. Since Citronella oil is not safe and effective when used directly on the skin, Candles made from Citronella oil are a safe and effective option to enable a small quantity of scent to be inhaled by the body and help your body, mind and soul process the natural ingredients contained in it slowly and effectively.


Citronella oil is very easily dissipated in the environment and the right amount of Citronella oil is contributed to the environment by way of burning candles made from Citronella oil. Citronella oil candles, when burned, provide relief from mosquitoes for about two hours, according to popular research studies. In this way, a number of diseases carried and transferred through the lethal blood of carrier mosquitoes can be avoided effectively. These diseases include dengue fever, chikungunya and yellow fever. The two-hour protection from mosquitoes and a number of insects are quite in line with the amount and duration of the mosquito repellant effect from DEET-based chemical agents. Hence, it is competitive in every sense to all the mosquito repellent products available in the market.

The warming and activating effects of Citronella oil derived from the plant parts of Ceylon Citronella or Java type Citronella and Candles which are blended to release the essential oils of Citronella override all effects that might be manifested on the human body due to the strength of Citronella when ingested or inhaled directly. These include depression of the nervous system, irritation of the eye and the skin and plant and animal toxicity and possible risk of flammability, especially in dry environments.Encapsulating the right quantity of Citronella oil in candles is the best way to resolve the damaging effects of an overdose of Citronella.

Citronella oil candles come in a variety of wax blends, including soy, paraffin or beeswax in varying proportions or percentages. Citronella oil candles burn well with a range of wick size combinations, although the rate at which the wax is consumed and the amount of scent that is thrown from the candle might differ greatly from one candle to another. Generally, Citronella oil candles are best consumed from containers, which can be tightly secured to preserve the fresh scent of Citronella after every use in the garden or the home. The lemony scent and often the lemony color imparted to the wax containing the oil of Citronella creates a soothing and warming effect in line with the qualities contained in the oil itself.

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