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What do you know about the Soy Candles?

There is a big revolution in the candle making industry after the invention of Soy wax. It is the most natural and organic alternative to paraffin wax candles. The organic Soy Candles are renewable, cost effective and are made from soybeans.

Rich in proteins, soybeans are the most versatile product for every industry. After the discovery of soy wax it is the most promising product found in the candle market today.

Organic waxes are not new to the market; there have been other waxes like Beeswax and tallow wax which are known from the colonial times. However, Soy wax has recently gained all the popularity mostly because it is economical as compared to 100% beeswax.

Soy is found in almost every product, like skin and body products, hair products, cleaning products and stain removers. As the demand of soy wax is increasing it is also benefitting the farmers who grow soybeans. So candle industry is now helping the agricultural industry due to high demand of Soy.

Soot-Free Soy Candles

Go to any candle manufacturer and they will claim that all of their candles are soot free. This is not true, only natural or organic candles are soot free.

You can easily make out that a particular candle is soot free or not, when you see that its flame is blue in colour. Blue flame means 100% combustion. As compared to other organic candles Soy candles does not produce a lot of soot. We cannot say it is 100% soot free because that is not practically possible.

Soot in the candle is due to wick or due to the usage of dyes and oils in the candles. However Soy candles in containers produce very minimalistic soot which can be seen at the brim of the container.

Fragrance ingredients

There are some manufacturers in the market who fool the customers in the name of Organic Soy Candles. Good fragrance chemists will use smart raw materials which are chemical free. Organic soy candles contain essential oils which are made from renewable plant resources.

The fragrance oil will be free of heavy metals especially lead. A good organic soy candle will be perfectly balanced and blended for the clear burn.

Difference between Soy candles and Paraffin wax candles

You will be surprised to know that a candle manufacturer will call its candle Soy Candles even if there is 25% soy in it! It is advisable to read the labels correctly before buying an organic Soy Candle.

Palm plant wax is generally used to manufacture Soy candles. Organic Soy candle will contain 100% natural waxes which are soy or vegetable wax. A genuine soy candle will burn for longer duration, will be clean and will have a long lasting fragrance. They are free of toxic chemicals or any carcinogenic product. So there is no health risk in burning natural Soy Candles.

To craft a soy candles you need soybeans, dyes and fragrance. However the dyes and fragrance can be natural as well as artificial. So ensure you buy all natural stuffs.

Remember paraffin wax is a by product of petroleum which is 100% not natural. You will be surprised to know that food grade paraffin is also carcinogenic. If you breathe paraffin wax fumes it has same effect as inhaling second hand tobacco smoke.

Triple scented soy candles

If you hear about triple scented soy candle it is just a sales pitch. More is not always good. If the sellers say that there is more fragrance or scent in their organic candles, there is nothing like that. The only difference lies in the grade of essential oils, some throw more fragrance and some do not.

Scent thrown from a particular candle is from the wax pool, so triple scenting does not mean more scent. Too much of fragrance can cause your wick to burn more and create more smoke.

Look for the right quality of Soy Candles that burns better, is healthier and contains quality ingredients.

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