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The quality of the air around you can have a considerable influence on how your mood goes. If your home ambience in filled a wonderful fragrance, it can relax you and keep you calm throughout the day. You can elevate the quality of the atmosphere of your home by using aromatherapy. And for the purpose, you can use essential oil burners as well as electric diffusers. Let’s dig deeper and find out which is better.

What is an essential oil burner?

An essential oil burner , as the name suggests, is used to burn the essential oils to vapourize it. It normally will have a cup-shaped holder to hold the oil and a space underneath to hold a candle or wick that acts as the burner. As the candle heats up the oil, it turns into vapour thus diffusing into the air around. It will easily spread the fragrance of the essential oil in the room.  

What is and aromatherapy diffuser?

An aromatherapy diffuser, on the other hand uses electricity to vaporize the essential oil and spread it into the atmosphere. A motor that works on electricity is placed inside the diffuser turns the essential oil into fine mist. Most of the diffusers do this by passing the essential oil through a pinhole by means of an air stream at high pressure. This converts the essential oil into micro-fine vapor which is then diffused into the air.

Which is better?

First of all take a look at the merits and demerits of burners:

  • No electricity needed

They do not consume any electricity and can be highly effective even when there is a power outage. They just need a little bit of heat and everything will run smooth.

  • Attractive

The essential oil burners usually come as ceramic vessels. They are usually very beautiful and come with intricate designs carved on them. Ceramic oil burners with a candle lit inside is truly a treat to the eyes. It has an exuberant charm that can elevate the quality of your home décor as well.

  • Costs less

Oil burners cost less than the electric diffusers since there is no complicated technology involved. All you need is a ceramic pot that can carry the essential oil and a tea light candle to heat it, and you are good to go.

  • Hazardous

Since essential oil burners involve heat, it can be quite dangerous if not properly cared for, especially when kids are around.

  • No medicinal benefits

Essential oil burners only have olfactory benefits. It only spreads the fragrance of the essential and not the herbal extracts inside the essential oil, providing no medicinal benefits. Moreover, the heat may damage the molecules of the essential oil affecting its integrity.

Electric Diffusers:

  • Easy to use

They just have to be plugged into the socket and never to be bothered again. It is very easy to handle and requires minimal maintenance. All it needs is occasional refills, which is considerably easier when compared to the burners, where you have to change the candles as well.

  • Therapeutic

By using electric diffusers,  you are turning the essential oils into micro-fine vapour, which doesn’t affect the properties of the oil at all. You will get the full therapeutic benefits of the essential oil without damaging the oil in any way.

  • Safe

Since there is no heat involved, it is much safer than its counterpart. You can use electric diffusers without a worry even if there are kids around.

  • Costlier

The electric diffusers use electricity and other electrical components like motors for its functioning. This means that it will cost more than the oil burners.

When you think about the overall picture, the choice of whether to use oil burners or electric diffusers for aromatherapy depends on your need. If you are just looking for the olfactory benefits it is better that you stick to oil burners since they cost less. But if you need therapeutic benefits as well, use the electric diffusers.


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