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We all have heard and experienced the benefits of Aromatherapy. We use variety of essential oils in this process which benefits our mind and body. However people still question Is aromatherapy safe?

Most of the essential oils used in aromatherapy are safe and do not have adverse effects provided they are handled safely. The spa and therapy centers which use aromatherapy ask you to pay attention to some of the important factors.

Dose: when ever we use any essential oil the most important factor is the dose. Wrong doses in wrong concentration can harm our body. In laboratories it has been found that in some cases it may cause tumor. Some oils when used in higher concentration can affect vital organs and our skin.

Purity: purity of essential oils is another concern. At times the oils are adulterated with synthetic chemicals whose fragrance is similar to the oil in which it is added. This way the purity is altered. Some times the essential oils are diluted with vegetable oils which does not damage the skin but does not benefit either. Check the label before buying any bottle of essential oils. The purest form of essential oils are expensive. Yo will be surprised to get a cheaper variety of any essential oil in the market but the label will definitely show 20% essential oil and 80% carrier oil. So choose wisely.

Application: why do we say, look for a professional if you plan for an aromatherapy session? The reason is essential oils should be applied in the correct way. At times if not handled properly can cause damage. Some essential oils if inhaled does not damage your system however they can cause some minor skin irritations. Good examples are clove, oregano, bergamot and cinnamon bark oils.

You must know that some citrus oils like lime, orange, bergamot and lemon can case phototoxicity. They can cause serious burns and even cancer if exposed to natural sunlight. These oils can even react to sun bed radiation however there are harmless if inhaled. So it is always correct to read about the application method and concentration before using any essential oil.

Drug interactions if any:  some researchers have studied reactions between essential oils and pharmaceutical drugs. Essential oils have complex chemical structure. If yo are taking essential oils with any dietary supplements and herbs do discuss with your healthcare provider. These oils together may be dangerous as well as beneficial for us. According to one published research if we use eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil together it increases the absorption of 5 fluorouracil which is an anti cancerous.

Special considerations while using essential oils

A very important question, Can essential oils be toxic? Toxicity is often rare in case of essential oils provided they are used appropriately. Let’s learn about few important considerations.

Do not apply the essential oils directly on skin. It is important to dilute these oils with a carrier oil. You must learn about which carrier oil to be used with a particular essential oil.

If you are pregnant try not to use essential oils. According to a research essential oils can cause placental barrier, however there is very little research on usage of essential oils in pregnancy. Light oils like lavender oil can still be considered, sometimes mid wives use it during labor pains.

If you have small kids at home,keep the essential oils out of reach of kids. Always add one drop dispenser as accidental gulping of oil as small as a teaspoon has resulted in death.

In general try not to use essential oils on children, however if you are using be extra causcious. If yor child is younger than six years avoid peppermint oil.

In some cases people have experienced allergic reactions with essential oils like cross sensitivity and skin irritations.

If you are using any  essential oil for the first time, always do a patch test. In many cases the oil can cause contact sensitivity.


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