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You feel ashamed in inviting guests at your place as most of the corners smell of something or the other. You have tried all sorts of air fresheners but the smell just does not fade away. Worry not! We bring to you several home remedies to keep foul smell at bay. Have a look.

   1. Smell from the refrigerator
Your fridge stores all types of preserved and non-preserved food items. Some may rot and others may not. Worry not! We have a solution for you. Baking soda is the most popular and old solution to this bad odour. All you need to do is keep an open bottle of baking soda in any corner of the refrigerator. It will take away all the smell from your fridge. However, keep the bottle away from vegetables as it may damage them.

   2. Bacteria and urine smell from carpet

The best solution to bacteria and urine smell coming from the carpet is vinegar. As it is highly acidic in nature, it kills the bacteria and takes away all the smell caused due to urine. For this, mix one portion of vinegar to three parts of water. Apply this mixture with a piece of cloth on your carpet.  Later, rinse the carpet and allow it to dry. Once it dries, you will see the magic. However, do train your pet to abstain for peeing on the carpet.

    3. Overpowering smell of curry and fried food

You love your gravies and fried food but the smell stays in your kitchen forever. Do not panic! We have the solution for you. Whenever you do this type of cooking, just boil a cup of vinegar after you are done with your kitchen work. Vapours released from the liquid will inhale all the bad smell, leaving your kitchen smelling fresh.

     4. Foul smell from the garbage bin

The garbage bin in your kitchen is not just the storehouse of foul smell but bad bacteria as well. So, cleaning it on a daily basis is a must. However, till the time it stays in the kitchen, we have a remedy to keep its foul smell at bay. Just cut a lemon or orange into pieces and put them in the bin. The citrus smell will get rid of the bad odour.

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  1. Smell of spilled food on stovetop 

It often happens that the food spills on the stovetop while preparing your favourite delicacies. And, the smell just does not go away. Worry not! Just sprinkle some salt on the stovetop and then wipe off after some time. The salt will absorb all the smell. 

  1. The smelly bathroom air

For this, just dip some cotton balls in any aromatic oil of your choice, be it orange or cinnamon. Then, place these balls in a small bowl and keep it on a shelf in the washroom.


  1. A few recipes to make natural air fresheners at home 

The first air freshener is made using green tea. This is useful to keep the smell of cat litters at bay. All you need to do is sprinkle a few dry green tea leaves in that particular area. The scent will not only keep your pet happy but will also take away all the foul smell, which has been troubling you all this while. Find out many other uses of green tea here

The second concoction is a mixture of baking soda and oil. Just take a jar and decorate it from outside as per your liking. Now add a few drops of any aromatic oil, as per your taste, mixed with some baking soda in the jar. Cover the lid with foil or any transparent sheet. Poke a few holes so that the oil reacts with baking soda and infuses a refreshing smell in the entire house. And, the plus point is you can use this jar as a decorative piece as well. 


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