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A good night’s sleep is essential after a hard day’s work. But some intruders’ start their hard work at night: mosquitoes. Mosquitoes and mosquito bites not only disturb our sleep they also spread dangerous diseases like, malaria, dengue, chikungunya etc. While scientist and doctors are busy inventing methods and medicines to eradicate mosquitoes and mosquito borne diseases, here are few solutions to deal with them.

  1. Mosquito repellant patch: A mosquito repellant patch can be used individually and is omnipresent. You can use it anytime, while sleeping, travelling at work or even while walking in the park. All you have to do is stick this mosquito repellant patch on your cloths and let is to its work which is to protect you from mosquitoes and mosquito bites for twelve hours. As it is DEET free, contains only natural products and no harmful pesticides, it can also be safely used by children. To find out more about this multifaceted product click here.
  2. Environment sanitizer: If you are looking for a two-in-one option, like an insect repellant and a room freshener, this environment sanitizer is the perfect solution for you. It contains natural extracts and is food safe. Spray a few sprays of this sanitizer in your room and you’ll find a refreshing fragrance around you leaving the mosquitoes out of your house. If you are excited to lay your hands on this magical potion click here.
  3. Mosquito vaporizer: If you are old school and want to follow the conventional ways to protect your house from mosquitoes, this little and old friend of yours might help you: the mosquito vaporizer. But since we care for you, we won’t let you use the one that contains harmful chemicals, which affect you and your body as much as it affects the insects. That is why we give you a vaporizer that contains natural product extracts like eucalyptus. It uses the same old method but with different ingredients. Ever heard of new wine in old bottle eh? No? Then click here to know more.
  4. Mosquito repellant band: If you are worried as a parent that no matter how much you protect your kids from mosquito and insect bites inside the house using mosquito nets and closing the windows, they are exposed to risk while playing outside, then this mosquito repellant band will put a stop to all your worries. It comes in a set of two which can be worn on wrist or ankle. They can wear these bands at both wrist and ankle, in case of high mosquito menace. These bands contain citronella oil in a separate compartment, which is a very well-known plant-based insect repellent, thus no harsh and harmful chemicals directly touching your children’s skin while keeping them protected from irritating insects. To learn more about this super band click here.
  5. Mosquito repellant surface cleaner: If you want least pains and huge gain, you are at the right spot. Just add a few drops on this liquid into your water while cleaning the surface and get rid of not only mosquitoes but all kinds of insects. click here.
  6. Incense stick and Incense coil: Incense stick or incense coils are one of the oldest known method to repel mosquitoes and other insects. They are usually a blend of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral herbs and resins like neem leaves, lemongrass, lobhan, eucalyptus oil etc, which when burnt release subtle aromatic smoke, warding off mosquitoes and insects. To know more about incense coil click here and about Incense click here.
  7. Disposable wipes: If you are going out to on mountain hiking or for a barbeque party at your friend’s farmhouse, and are worried about mosquito bites, carry these disposable wipes with you. All you have to do is wipe the exposed area of your body using these wipes and it will create a thin protective film over your skin protecting you from the mosquitoes. To learn the benefits of these wipes click here.
  8. Mosquito trap: If you are a tech savvy and want a gadget (if not an app) to alienate insects, this mosquito trap is for you. This cool dude produces mosquito luring light which releases carbon dioxide resembling human odour which attracts mosquitoes. As soon as the mosquito reaches the device, it is immediately sucked in by the device and gets killed. To know more about this product click here.


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