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Indian tradition of burning incense in homes goes beyond the reason of using it as a mere air freshener. Incense sticks carry many benefits that cater to mind as well as body. And not just in India, mostly every worldwide culture and religion uses incense. Here we explore more about incense –

For Better Focus and Concentration

Particular aromas of incense help in developing better focus and concentration towards studies and work. They enable clear thinking and develop awareness of consciousness. Many ascetics use incense while meditating to develop intense concentration.Even academicians have explored the power of incense and have been using it for building their concentration while pursuing academics for long hours.

For Inspiring Creativity

Pleasing and stimulating aromas of incense can help in inspiring creativity and make original ideas flow freely. One can choose varied aromas ranging from botanicalto earthy scents that can transport mind to forests, mountains or other heavenly places.

For Motivating

Incense can purify not just the air but the soul too, thus it is commonly used during religious and spiritual events. Incense smoke contains fungicidal and insecticidal properties and thus drives out staleness to ensure positive energies. Pure air keeps the body and mind activated thus adding to the motivational level.

Boosting Confidence

With increased focus, creativity, and motivation comes increased confidence. A relaxed body makes the brain work optimally with significant increase in confidence. Many are known to burn incense before they appear for a big meeting, a significant exam or an important presentation.

For Enhancing Libido

Pheromones are a natural aphrodisiac and act as a powerful sex enhancer. The aromas of several incense stimulates libido. Many couples use incense during intimate times for better enjoyment.

For Avoiding Infections

With prevalence of clean air by using incense, the surroundings stay clean thus helping in avoiding inflectional bacteria. Ayurveda also promotes several incense smokes that are rubbed over wounds for quick healing.

For Curing Headaches

A good smell reaches the brain and triggers it. There are several aromas that activate brain and produce happiness-related hormones like dopamine and serotonin. This consequently unblocks nasal passage and cures headaches.

For Battling Depression

Medical experts have proven that burning incense is capable of activating brain’s ionic channels that are known to cause depression and anxiety when blocked. The compoundspresent in organic and herbal incense affect the brain areas and cleanse the nerve circuits.Incense also regulates heart beat and soothes nerves.

For Treating Insomnia

One of the soothing effects of using incense at homes is inducing sleep. It contains sedative properties for treating insomnia. Those who have tried and tested prescribed drugs with no results can try the usage of incense and feel the difference.

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