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Decorating is an art and like other forms of art, home décor too needs your patience, thoughts and time. A little bit of twist can add that edge to your boring room. Here are some ideas which will help you to design for your home.

  • Try to keep your interior designing natural. Keep original potted plants in the corner of your room to break the monotony of furniture. Living plants are preferred to artificial plants.
  • Hung wind chime in that empty window pane to add a funky look. Even vastu shastra recommends suspending of wind chimes for good luck. From now on you will know each surprise visit of the breeze in your home.

  • Use different kinds of cushions to decorate your home. Spread a mattress on floor so that one of its lengths is in contact with the wall. Now keep cushions side by side resting against the wall, above the mattress. This will create an interesting look and also forms an additional area to sit and rest.
  • In order to add a desi flavor to your home décor, use incense sticks .place the sticks in a nice stand .The beautiful smell of incense sticks and the unconventional decoration will create a magical ambience. Incense cone can also be used. Visit here for attractive incenses sets.

  • Mirrors can be very playful. Place mirrors in tricky angle to lighten the darker sides of your room. Moreover mirror gives an elite look to your interior.
  • Hangers or wall hangings can be used in entrances for that significant first impression which is also your last impression.
  • Always remember less is more. Over brimming show pieces, furniture, decorating items will not make but mar the look. Keep your interior neat and clean, simple and minimal. Let your room breathe. Use photographs, books or your bangles too give your room a vibrant yet unique look.
  • Clean regularly. Something as simple as this can go a long way.

  • Last but not the least. Candles can make wonders. Decorate your room with candles to create a romantic and intimate ambience. Aromatic candles freshen up not only your room but also your mood.

Hopefully these tips will help you makeover your home. Spend some more time with your room and you yourself will be able to improvise on your home décor. Click here for more products that JBN has in store.


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