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A homestead with children is the one which requires ample awareness on the part of parents. Rats are one of the biggest threats that wander in the house with diverse infections and affliction within itself. In such a scenario, rat traps play a substantial role in eliminating the hazard of rats. Rats basically are attracted towards new objects and hence rat traps utilize this quirk to lure them. There are many kind of rat traps with diverse advantages and disadvantages that are employed for this purpose.

  • Snap trap

This is the conventional type of trap that has been in usage for a very long time. These traps incorporate a kill bar that attacks rat’s neck, thus eliminating it in one robust strike.

Snap traps are available in wooden and plastic structures.

Advantage of snap trap: Snap trap is economical and easy to utilize. Also, it kills the rat instantly.

Disadvantage of snap trap: The spring attached to the kill bar is very strong, hence it should be kept away from the reach of children.

  • Glue trap

Glue traps are one of the recent inventions in the field of rodent control. These kind of traps have a thin layer of glue over them, which functions as a bait for the rat. A glue trap is laid flat on the ground and so any rat passing over it will get trapped.

Advantages of glue trap: Glue traps are more economical and safer than snap traps. Rats are more likely to be caught by them because of their low profile.

Disadvantages of glue trap: Glue traps lose their effectiveness if exposed to dust. Also, extreme temperatures tend to decrease the operation of glue.

  • Live traps

Live traps simply work on the principle of providing bait and trapping rodents. Peanut butter or any other rat bait is utilized for attracting the rat towards the trap.

Advantages of live traps: It is easy to use and no fatal operation is performed.

Disadvantages of live traps: Rats are caught alive and they tend to escape.

Electronic rat traps are the latest entry in the series of rat traps. These traps utilize intense voltage shocks to kill the trapped rat.

Advantages of electronic rat traps: It is economical in cost and also produces instantaneous death of the rat.

Disadvantages of electronic rat traps: High voltage shocks are involved, so they should be kept away from children.

Many diseases and infections are usually caused due to rats. Apart from that, they are responsible for material damage to the good also. Rat traps have proved to be efficient in terminating rats for a long time. New techniques and devices have been constituted which are instrumental in prevention against the menace of rats. Click here  to explore JBN for more varieties of prevention tools.


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