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The most important role of a candle according to us is to provide light. But, did you ever ponder on the fact that a small candle can do much more than just provide light? A scented candle can cheer up your mood and stimulate your body thus making you feel energized.

Although we have developed and progressed, candles still play an important role in our life. It is traditionally believed that candles were invented by primitive people who dipped dry branches in animal fat which produced a slow burning source of light. Candles previously found their position mostly in religious practices. Now we see that candles have a vast role to play in an individual’s life. Let’s figure out the different functions of candles other than being just a source of light.

Jazz Up Your Room

Your home is deeply symbolic of your life and it reflects a lot about you. Decorate your room with environment friendly candles that will spice up your room. Science tells us that the air we breathe in, affects the health and physique of our body. While healthy air helps to improve the amount of oxygen inhaled, it also regulates the cleansing mechanism of lungs. It boosts the blood flow, filling your mind and body with life.

Help Fight Depression

A well scented room helps you calm your body down and relaxes the mind, hence reducing the stress. A good candle has different oils included in it that elevates the mood. Joy by Nature brings a range of scented candles for you. A well scented room can be an instant mood lifter and rejuvenate both body and mind. Many scented candles have mosquito repellent power in them too.

Breathe a Healthy Air

A healthy air means a healthy body and brain. Many people suffering from asthma have problem with the too deep scent or the smoke it creates. Candles that do not produce sootare advisable.

Sleep Well

Facing problem while sleeping? We are here for you. An uninterrupted sleep is what everybody desires. Lavender has proven itself to reduce heart rate and BP levels, thus providing you your desired sleep, so that you wake up fresh and revitalized.

More than Light

Although the primary function of a candle remains providing light, the other aspects cannot be ignored. Joy by Nature offers a whole new range of candles that are not only scented but also environment friendly. Try our products and if you think we were able to serve you well write to us about your feedback. For more details visit our website, Joy by Nature. 


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