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Cockroaches are insects that have survived 320 million yearson our planetand, therefore,have great adaptation skills. They are among the few that have the ability to survive the scorching heat to the frosty cold. And now commonly we find them lingering around at our houses nibbling at things. Here are a few quick tips on eliminating cockroaches for thelong term from your homes.

Cockroaches thrive on almost anything. Contrary to the belief that most cockroaches invade households, they get along very well almost anywhere. But the forgotten waste bin in the corner and the leftover takeout food in the counter are definitely added bonuses to these six-legged creatures. They like warm and snug places to stay. Cockroaches eat just about anything. From book bindings and clothes to crumbs of food that we leave behind. Though cockroaches do not spread diseases, they can often cause allergy to some. They also secrete an unpleasant smell and contaminate our food. Thus eliminating these pests from our households have become a major concern. Also using herbal, non-poisonous substances are critical for our health.

  • Clean and organize

The first thing that you will want to do is get rid of the piles of unused papers, cardboards boxes and the like. Clean your utensils after a meal. Do not leave them unwashed in your basin. Never leave fresh fruits and vegetables on your counter, unattended. Wash them, separate them, put them in zipping locks and store in refrigerators.

  • Desiccants

These are substances which are capable of absorbing moisture and even drying out moisture-sensitive elements and, therefore, can be used to get rid of cockroaches. Be sure to keep it away from children. 

  • Cockroach repellant floor cleaner

The hard and fast rule to dealing with roaches is keeping your surroundings clean. There arefloor cleaners available which are capable of repelling roaches. These have proved effective in repelling these insects for a longer duration.

  • Cockroach repellant spray

Repellent sprays can be used outdoors as well as indoors for protection from cockroaches. Spray these on carpets, floors and others potential places for finding roaches,to get rid of them in the long term.

  • Cockroach repellant chalks

These repellent chalks can be used by drawing on potential surfaces of finding cockroaches. They contain insecticides which kill these pests as soon as they come in contact. Be sure to choose herbal and environment-friendly products only.

  • Naphthalene balls 

These are small balls, also called mothballs, which are can be used to give protection to clothes and other articles from cockroaches and moths during their storage. They have asweet, pungent odor which has been found to be effective in warding off roaches and other pests.

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