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Houses having wooden structures, especially the ones having some moisture hidden inside them, have always been the feeding spots for the termites. They infest the house in colonies and can spread to the entire place by starting out small. In the past years, these termites have known to have brought down entire places having wooden structures in a matter of few months. Their infestations are hard to locate in the beginning and the person has to be highly vigilant if they find any traces of infestation.

Termites generally feed on the cellulose that they find on wood. Dampness and moisture is what really attracts them in the first place. For instance, if we get to know that particular furniture in the house is damp due to some reason and not bother to dry them, in a matter of few days, the termites would have found their way in and in a few months or weeks would have destroyed the entire furniture. They do not stop with the one thing, but move in search of wood that is damp. This is the main reason for the need for proper maintenance of wood.

Controlling termite infestations

The termites that infest the house are of two types, subterranean and drywood termites. The subterranean termites are seen to cause more harm than the drywood termites. Some of these have wings that they shed after a period of time and some of them are wingless.

Ways for controlling pests have been developed after the infestations became a serious issue around the world. At the beginning, if the person finds any trace of infestation inside the house, they can carry out some simple tasks to remove them on their own. If things are uncontrollable, professionals need to be called in for eliminating pests.

  • Getting rid of infestations on our own:

Before calling for professionals, if the person can track the infestation, he himself can clean out the mess. Drying out damp structures has proven to be effective. Cardboards can be placed to lure the termites and then burnt to destroy them in large numbers.

  • Getting professional help:

Many pest control agencies are offering services for removing termites. Before choosing one, getting an estimate from various agencies and comparing their prices is advised. They make sure that the termite colonies are eliminated and no damage is caused in the future.

  • Planning for the future:

Setting up precautions for the future is the responsibility of the person dwelling in the house. Pest repellents can be coated onto the wooden structures and the areas that are damp can be dried out.

Infestations from the termites can never be a problem anymore if the proper steps are taken. Click here to check out the insect repellents at Joy by Nature.


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