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Yes, we all know how irritating and obnoxious it is to have that one mosquito hover around your ears with that constant buzzing sound of theirs that goes zzz!! It is not just the fact that they are irritating that is annoying, they also are the reason for the spread of many diseases around the globe. From malaria to dengue, from chikungunya to are latest disease namely zika fever, mosquitoes carry a lot of diseases. Thus, it is essential that you make your home sweet home a mosquito free zone. Here are some sure shot ways to make that a reality

How To Say Bye- Bye To Mosquitoes?

  • Mosquito Proof Nets At All Windows And Doors: Yes, if you want to make your house mosquito proof  then this is an absolute necessity that cannot be overlooked under any circumstances. Try getting a good quality net that lasts long as you would want this as long as you stay in the house.
  • Mosquito Repellents: Try topical creams that are of natural origin, usually oils and lotions. These have a peculiar odor that is irritating to mosquitoes. They also give you a pleasant smell. Try not to use chemical origin ones because organic is always safer.
  • Mosquito Swatting: Try to kill all mosquitoes in your house after you net all the windows and doors. This can be done using a mosquito swatter or using your palms (the old fashioned way). This helps reduce the mosquito population inside your house. Since you have sealed all entry points and all the ones inside, have been killed you can safely assume your indoors are mosquito proof.

  • Clean All Water Logging Zones: This is an important aspect of mosquito control because mosquitoes usually breed in stagnant pools and water sources. So by avoiding development of stagnant water zones outside your home you can get rid of mosquitoes at the base level itself. This can do wonders in bringing down the mosquito population in your vicinity.
  • Grow Garlic: It has been observed that mosquitoes are detracted by the scent of garlic. So grow garlic outside your house to keep mosquitoes away.

  • Use Citronella Products: So just like garlic, citronella plant has also been seen to distract mosquitoes and make them go away. So you can use its oil as a tropical repellent, its incense to keep mosquitoes outside and the plant as such to detract mosquitoes.
  • Clothes: Use full coverage and loose clothes if you have a really bad mosquito menace as this kind of dressing makes it difficult for the mosquito to access your skin directly. Try keeping the environment cool as mosquitoes prefer hot and humid weather.

Try these simple but effective tips to make your house free from the mosquito menace. To view some of our anti-mosquito products visit here.


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