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Washing clothes is a task that may put any person into a deep thought of choosing the right detergent. It is necessary to first look at the type of cloth and then select a suitable alternative for it. Some really harsh detergents tend to destroy the cloth and its texture. Therefore, it becomes imperative to have a look at the cloth first and then choose the suitable detergent for it.

There are a number of alternatives that can be used to clean the clothes as detergents might not be able to wash every type of cloth. Some clothes that are made of silk, wool, crepe, etc. cannot be washed with a normal detergent as it might destroy the look and the texture of the cloth. Hence, it is necessary to look for certain alternatives that are available easily at home for washing these sensitive clothes and making them look beautiful as before.

One might be surprised to know how other things can easily wash clothes. But in earlier times, when the facility for dry-clean was not available, there were many more sources other than detergents that were used to clean clothes. One must not be acquainted with these sources these days that can help in cleaning any type of cloth easily.

The list of cleaning sources for sensitive clothes is:

  • Shampoos

Shampoos are considered to be very mild in nature as compared to normal detergents. Shampoos can be used to clean clothes like silk, woollen, etc. as this mild product would not harm the cloth and clean it in the best possible way. One might count on organic shampoos that are made of natural ingredients and will clean the cloth using their natural elements.


  • Baby Soaps

Baby Soaps are also considered to be mild but a bit harsh as compared to shampoos. Some clothes might need a little rough cleaning for which baby soaps are the best. Very harsh products like detergents might harm the texture and softness of the cloth. Therefore, one may also count on organic baby soaps that are good for cleaning clothes in a natural way and protect the texture of the cloth from being destroyed.



  • Laundry detergents

Laundry detergents are normal detergents that one uses to clean the clothes normally. Therefore, it becomes important to note the type of detergent being used to clean clothes. One may choose organic detergents that are made of all natural elements and are without any chemicals. These help in cleaning the clothes in a natural way without harming general clothes like cotton, etc.


  • Vinegar

Vinegar is the best source that can give the cloth its stiffness. For giving clothes like silk, its stiffness one must soak the cloth in vinegar water after washing it from a mild detergent. One may count on organic vinegar that would give the cloth its stiffness in a natural way.


Cleaning clothes just involves a bit of knowledge about the nature of the cloth and then it becomes an easy method for cleaning clothes. Click here to have a glimpse of some useful products for the purpose of cleaning.


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