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Burning incense at home is a practice many of us are familiar with, but the reasons for the same vary. While some burn it to get rid of unpleasant smell and make the place smell nicer, others may for religious purposes. What many of us may not be aware of is that incense help to create a relaxing atmosphere. They have been known to soothe nerves, slow down the heart rate and loosen up the muscles, which implies that incenses have a calming effect on us. Following are the advantages of burning incense at home :-

  1. Get Rid of That Stress

The aroma from burning incense  can soothe nerves and put your body and mind at ease. It slows down your heart beats and loosens up your muscles, causing your body to relax.

  1. Get Rid of That Depression

Many incense, frankincense  in particular, have proved to be effective in overcoming depression. A chemical found in the Boswellia plant, from which Frankincense is made, called Incensole acetate was found to stimulate the generation of a protein - TRPV3 - in mice which helps fight depression and anxiety.

  1. Get Rid of Those Uninvited Guests

Antibacterial property is one of the properties found to belong to many incense. Myrrh has been found to be of great help with warding of bacteria and bacterial infections. In some cases, the smoke from incense was spread over wounds to make them heal faster as the smoke kills bacteria. Many types of incense ward off parasites and germs.

  1. Get Rid of Your Confidence Problem

Incense has, for a long time, been known to purify the air by getting rid of bacteria, germs, insects, etc. They are said to have antibacterial properties and to get rid of negative energy and increasing the positivity in the atmosphere. This cleansed air helps to power-up your confidence and motivational levels.

  1. Get Rid of Those Headaches

Certain incense  are capable of inducing the production of serotonin and dopamine - the chemicals which induce feelings of well-being and happiness. This calms your mind and brings a relief from headache.

  1. Get Rid of That Cold

A few particular types of incense  can help open-up nasal passageways. So burn incense and get rid of your cold and related headache!

These advantages serve to help you to relax at home and feel refreshed and positive always.

Note that all the above-mentioned advantages are in reference to 100% natural incense. Incense that include artificial substances can be harmful to health and sometimes addictive. Natural incense is made from 100% plant extracts. These are not addictive or harmful to your body.

Giving a relaxing atmosphere to your house is best possible through organic incense.

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