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 Melissa Maker  the host of the Clean My Space channel on YouTube, editor-at-large of CleanMySpace.com, and founder of Clean My Space (a well-known Toronto-based cleaning service) also undertakes some rudimentary cleaning methods. “She has stressed on the fact that if the proper tools,are not used in a systematic manner, then only things become cumbersome”.

The strong obnoxious smell emitting from bathroom is one thing that is not acceptable by any of us. So, I will suggest you some of the organic products that should be used  to clean the bathroom and convert into a Virtual Garden. Plus the use of natural diffuser will further ensure that each time you will enter the bathroom, you will be engulfed with a fragrance and not any kind of foul smell.

Having a Sparkling Floor:

It is a very common sight in most of the bathrooms in everyone’s home. Normally we all have the habit of keeping oil, shampoos, conditioners, Body Gel etc. Every time when we use these products for our daily bathing or cleansing purposes, it get splashed on the floor. Since, it is a sticky material, so one avoids cleaning it at the same moment. But don’t worry with the introduction of some of the best & pure organic floor sanitizers, this cleaning becomes very easy. Plus, it does not leave any kind of harmful chemicals behind about which one has to worry. So always prefer Natural Sanitizers to keep your bathroom's floor sparkling.

Freedom from Bad Odor:

Every bathroom has some kind of peculiar smell, which can make you crazy. As you don’t want to enter in a stinky place full of dirty laundry or a peculiar smell coming out of the harsh chemical's used for cleaning the bathroom. So, to get rid of this problem, one gets all sorts of Bathroom Fresheners.Only Pure Organically Made Fresheners will have a long lasting effect in your bathroom.

Aromatic Experience:

One of the simplest & effective way to have a soothing pure form of scented fragrance in the bathroom is to light some of the naturally made incense. The good point of this is that everyone will be so delighted to have a whiff of a nice air. It will automatically inculcate the habit of keeping the Bathroom clean.

Having Sans Mosquito Effect:

I don’t think that I would be wrong in saying that most of the bathrooms usually become the breeding house for Mosquitoes. It can be very easily overcome without much fuss. The thing is that not only you have to keep the bathroom neat & tidy, but by spraying few drops of organic anti mosquito repellent in all the corners of the bathroom can also keep it clean. I am sure you will be pleased from my suggestion, that instantly change your thoughts about the bathroom. So use other types of Organic Repellents to make your bathroom free from other kinds of insects.

Transforming bathroom into a virtual garden is not an uphill task.


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