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Cleaning washroom is as important as cleaning your body. It must be done regularly. You are likely to catch diseases often if your washroom is dirty. Washroom with low sanitary levels is home to multiple harmful bacteria. E coli is one such bacteria which is normally present in the faces. The other bacteria are salmonella and streptococcus which generally spread because of failing to close the toilet lid before flushing. It may also spread if you don't wash hands. If the washroom is dirty for long, it also generates a foul smell which is not ridicules the ambience of your home. Cleaning the entire washroom can be a fiddly task.

There are some common mistakes that we do which have harmful consequences:

  • Keeping the toilet lid open while flushing is a bad habit most of us have. Doing that can cause germs to spread across the entire bathroom.
  • Leaving wet towels on the hooks is also something we all do. Doing so can lead to bacterial growth in the towels because of the trapped moisture.
  • Not cleaning the shower curtains is not advised at all. It seems like a headache but it can be done using a washing machine too. A good detergent is would do the work.

Here are few steps that can be easily followed for cleaning your washroom:

  • Spray the toilet cleaner on the toilet seat and allow it to stay there for a while. After sometime use a brush to scrub it and then rinse it water.


  • Floor tiles can be scrubbed using a floor sanitizer. It should be a good disinfectant.
  • Mirrors in the washroom can easily be cleaned by simply spraying water on them and then wiping off with a paper or a microfiber cloth. Instead of water you can also use a mop spray.



  • There are a number of bathroom fresheners that have nice fragrance and can be used for a long time in your washroom.


A clean toilet tells a lot about your habits and creates a healthy impression on others. Also, needless to mention is for your own benefit. A clean toilet reduces the chances of catching common flu and other bacterial diseases. To know more about the products offered by JBN 


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