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If do not want to use any chemical spray in your home then you can apply some natural room fresheners  like, orange peels, cinnamon sticks and lemon juice. But you must know the procedure to apply these natural room fresheners, and you should place these fresheners in the right place in your room.

Here you can find some natural room fresheners which can help you to make your room perfect:

  • Lemon juice: you can use some lemon juice as natural room fresheners. You just need to mix some lemon juice or extract with rosemary water and vanilla essence and put it into a small bowl and place it in your rooms. It is better to change this pot after two days. Do not use this bowl for a long time otherwise it will be the breeding ground for some bacteria.
  • Orange candle: you can make some natural orange candle; jut take an orange and cut it into two parts and run the knife edge around the orange. Do not remove the stem from the orange and try to light up the stem. You may require keeping these stem oranges in refrigerator for one day and then light the candle in your room.

  • Essential oil: you can use some essential oils as room fresheners and you just need to mix few drops of essential oil with some water, and put it at the corner of your room. It will spread an aroma inside the room.
  • Gel fresheners: if you do not want to use any flame fresheners in your room then you can use some gel formed room fresheners in your house. With these gel candles, you can use some essential oil which improves the smell in your room.

  • Cinnamon candle: you can purchase any type of candle from market and place some cinnamon stick around the candle. So when you lighting the candle, it will spread the smell of cinnamon easily.
  • Potpourri: you can use any types of aromatic herbs or flower extract as potpourri. You just need to collect these organic and natural herbs and put them into a small pot and place the pot in your room. So it will create a relaxed mood for you.

How to keep your room fresh:

  • Do not use any flame in your room.
  • When you use any types of room fresheners, you must check your ventilation system.
  • You can use some natural flower which is always considered great as a room freshener.

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