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It is said, ‘Well begun is half done’. Imagine what would happen if your day begins well. You would have won half of your battle. But in the middle of all the chaos how will your start your day ‘well’? Here are a few changes you should bring in your morning routine to bring great changes in your lifestyle.


1. Amla Juice And Honey


You will often see people starting their day with lemon juice and honey. Lemon is a citrus fruit rich in Vitamin C and citric acid, both of which are known to aid digestion and boost metabolism. Lemon cleanses our digestive system and stimulates the enzyme secretion in the intestines. Honey on the other hands is a rich source of antioxidants which helps our body in many ways, it is anti-inflammatory in nature, and alienates seasonal allergies, but above all, honey is a very healthy substitute of your regular sugar, thus you get the same amount of sweetness with fewer calories.Replacing lemon juice with amla juice is even better because amla along with Vitamin C and citric acid, also contains Vitamin A and antioxidants. Just pour two tablespoons of amla juice to a glass of warm water and add honey to it, drink this water as soon as you get up.


2. Mixed Nuts


My dietician told me, that you should eat something within 30 minutes of getting up. It doesn’t make much of a difference as to what you eat, but eating something healthy would be more beneficial. She explained to me that eating something as soon as we get up is important because it wakes up our digestive system. After our last meal the previous night, we fast for around 8 hours before we get up the next morning. Eating absolutely anything helps to wake up our system. She said that the easiest thing to find every morning is eating a fruit or mixed nuts. They are power packed with nutrients, protein and above all energy.


3. Surya Namaskar


Nothing is better than starting your day with a light exercise. There is no better exercise than yogasana as it opens up all the bones and muscles in the body. It awakens all the body parts, stretches them. Yogasana is an exercise for body and mind. Surya Namaskar the best yogasana because it is an exercise for each and every part of your body. It also calms down the mind and relaxes the body. You can also opt for any of your favorite exercises, be it a jog, a brisk walk or even gym.


4. Herbal Tea


Researches show that 4 out of 5 people drink tea or coffee in the morning. Coffee contains caffeine and tea contain tannic acid, too much of consumption of either is not very advisable. While totally giving up on your favorite cup of happiness every morning seems impossible, try replacing it with herbal tea. There are various options available in the market today like green tea, oolong tea, peppermint tea, ginger tea. Each of these carries their own medicinal properties like carrying a lot of antioxidants, boosting metabolism, toning the skin, etc. So instead of your regular tea or coffee try one of these herbal teas. Making a small change in your lifestyle, will bring a great change in your life.


5. Healthy Breakfast


Having a healthy breakfast is an essential part of your daily life. People often skip breakfast, whereas breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Whatever you do, do not skip your breakfast. Try eating something that is fiber rich and healthy. The fiber rich food makes your feel fuller and thus your feel less hungry. Besides it takes more calories to burn the fiber which in turn helps to boost your metabolism. The market is overflowing with much quick and easy breakfast options like oats, daliya, and even cereals. Just pick up your favorite and munch it down before heading to work.


If you look, overall this will steal around another 40-60 minutes from your early morning, but it will surely add years of health to your life. Try with one step at a time and see what returns your body gives you.


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