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If you are a tea person and your day does not start without drinking a cup of tea I am sure you must be a proud owner of large number and variety of tea bags. Just after you steep your cup full of happiness every morning, don’t throw the tea bag away. This tea bag still contains some tea goodness that will help you in many other ways. After dipping your tea in hot water and sipping your way to happiness, use the leftover tea bag for one or more of the following home remedies.


  1. Acne


Tea is a rich source of antioxidants and is great for your skin. For this particular problem, i.e. acne, using green tea bags is more beneficial. Green tea is also antibacterial in nature that cleans the skin and fights the acne causing bacteria.


Process: Heat up a cup of water and dip a green tea bag in it. Let it steep for 30 minutes.


Drink your tea with your breakfast, snacks or a newspaper in one hand and the wet tea bag in another. Gently dab the wet and warm tea bag on the acne till the time you finish drinking your tea.


Rinse off your face with cold water along with washing your cup (just remember not to use the utensil cleaning soap on your face!)


Repeat this process until your acne is healed.


  1. Fights Bad Breath


Nobody likes to have a bad breath, but brushing your teeth twice a day is not the only solution to fight bad breath. Chewing gum and mint seems to be an easy option but sometimes even they contain sugar, which is rather more harmful to the teeth. The best way to fight bad breath is mouthwash. While the market is flooded with a variety of mouthwash, remember they are made of harmful chemicals which might be rather harsh on your gums and teeth. Here is a very simple recipe to brew up your own mouthwash at home.


Process: Steep 2-3 used bags of your favorite herbal tea like green tea, oolong tea, chamomile tea etc.


Add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to it.


Add a teaspoon of salt.


Mix it well.


Rinse your mouth with this solution twice daily and keep your breath fresh and minty and your gums and teeth healthy.


  1. Shiny Hair


Black tea is used to add shine and color to hair. The antioxidants in the tea enhance hair growth, fight free radicals that reduce dandruff and flaky and itchy scalp, it also strengthens the hair root which promotes healthy scalp and hair.


Process: Rebrew 2-3 cups of black tea in two cups of water and let it cool.


Shampoo your hair normally and then use the black tea solution to rinse the hair.


Massage your scalp for 5 minutes and then rinse your hair again with plain water.


Pat dry as usual.


Repeat this process 2-3 times a week for best results.


  1. Soothes Razor Burns


In case, you shave your arms and legs or face (if you are a man) it is quite normal to have a cut or two during the process. But these cuts or burns are very itchy and cause irritation. Just follow the following simple steps to soothe these razor burns.


Process: Put about 10 green tea bags or chamomile tea bags in your bath water and soak in it for 15-20 minutes. If you don’t have the luxury of owning a bathtub, add the tea bags in a large bowl and gently rinse the affected are with this water. Rinse it with cold water and pat dry. Repeat this process at least once a day till the time your razor burns are healed.


  1. Heals Toe Nail Fungus


The tannic acid present in the tea helps to treat toenail fungal infection and the antibiotic and astringent properties relieve the symptoms like burning sensation, swelling and skin infection.


Process: Put your used tea bags in the fridge and chill them for 20-30 minutes.


Now dab these chilled tea bags on the affected toenail for 10-15 minutes or till the time they reach room temperature.


Repeat this process 2-3 times a day until the infection clears up completely.


Did you know that your tea is capable of doing so many things and not just waking you up in the morning? Which is your favorite way to reuse used tea bags?




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