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Piles are hemorrhoids that became inflated and its size and nature can vary depending on various parameters. Needless to say, having piles puts us in a very uncomfortable situation and disrupts the normal lifestyle of a person. The conventional cure for piles include operation and other drugs which are bound to have side effects which in some cases maybe more gruesome than piles itself. Also the cost for operation and subsequent medical bills maybe much more than expected. Also it’s not guaranteed that the piles have been rooted off forever. Many cases have been reported where the piles have affected the person again, even after undergoing an operation for the same. Most people affected by piles are of the age group 45-60. At this age, taking conventional drugs which can cause side effects can harm the body in an unimaginable way. There is only one solution for this – adopt the natural way.

At present there are many natural ways to curb the effects of piles. These should be given based on the type and extent of piles affected in the patient. Some of the common natural remedies include applying ice over the affected area, using Aloe Vera, lemon juice, almond oil, olive oil etc. Eating whole grains rich in fiber would help in avoiding constipation and regulate smooth bowel movements and hence helps a great deal in reducing the effects of piles. But in the modern day, people prefer the short cut method. They prefer taking medicines than eating natural foods. For them, Joy by Nature an ISO certified company is marketing a wide range of organic medicines to cure piles and these have been proven effective in combating the disease.

Some of the advantages are:

  • 100% natural

Since these medicines are made from natural ingredients, they are bound to have no side effects at all. Also they are rich in natural vitamins and minerals which will help other organs tofunction effectively.

  • Non-invasive cure

Unlike conventional treatment for piles which include operation, these are tablets which have to be taken according to the prescription by the doctor and hence there is no need for any kind of cuts and stitches on your body. They are safe and give you freedom from any painful surgical procedures.

  • Low cost

These natural medicines cost much lower than the available drugs for piles or the painful surgical solutions. This makes it suitable for use by the common man. These medicines are also easily available in the market and even online.

Some of the products marketed by Joy by Nature are described as follows:


These medicines have been formulated using time-tested Ayurvedic herbs renowned for their effectiveness in treating piles. Herbs such as Suran, Nagkesar and Vidang are excellent in reducing the inflammation and helps in healing the damaged mucous membrane. They also regulate bowel movements and correct the hepatic activities.


This medicine can be used to treat external as well as internal hemorrhoids and is proven to shrink and eliminate hemorrhoid tissues however, chronic or resistant they may be. They are also very effective in preventing bleeding hemorrhoids and use an anti-inflammatory formula to treat it.


Duplex board box of Arsohills Kit contains the following medicines-

1) Arsohills (60 tablets)  

2)  Triphalahills (60 tablets)  

3) Guggulhills (60 tablets)

They act as an anti-inflammatory, detoxifier and helps in controlling constipation.


Pilkil has been proved to be effective against hemorrhoids, dry hemorrhoids and piles. They provide a soothing relief to itching and inflamed piles. Tested 100% natural and effective.

Piles can be treated very easily in its earlier stages of detection. So never ignore any pain in the bowel side and diagnose the cause. The choice of medicine rests in your hands. Do you want to experience the pain and side effects of conventional cures or do you want to adopt the natural way? If you chose the latter, Joy by Nature is there for your help. Nature’s way is always the better way.


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