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“Jenna Ushkowitz”, the well renowned south-Korean American actress herself quotes on almond, by saying; ‘’ I always leave a box of unsalted almonds in my house. A handful of those are a good snack that should keep you satisfied”. Almonds are damn powerful nuts just by containing the humongous storage of vitamin B- 12, monounsaturated fatty acid and calories. A handful of these crisply delectable nuts strengthen a lot and keeps several ailments off.  

Importance of almond-

Almonds are the very momentous and organic resource for an individual to build up the body, growing the hair, strengthen the mind and powering to eyes as well. It contains potassium, vitamin E, fiber in a humongous quantity; it is called to be low in sugar which means it benefits them also who have diabetes kind of problem in their body, it has been significantly emphasized by doctor and some of researchers to have this dry fruit in comparison of other one, because it is a best remedy as well to fight other ‘Alzheimer” kind of disease. In the research, it has been said almonds are very good human’s defender in keep off the cancer from this precious life.

Benefits of almonds-

  • Keeps skin glowing- There are lots of oils, cream, gels made from almonds available in the market which are known to effectively brighten and moisturize your skin, because it contains 25 percent of magnesium which are proven by experts to get a glowing skin. As per the process of consumption, at night you can put at least 30 almonds in a water filled glass for whole night and at early morning peel them gently then grind it and make its paste then apply them on face and let them remain 30 minutes, keep this process a month you will organically get an acne-free skin. Always consume almonds for a better look.
  • Boosts immunity- Almonds play an integrant role in ‘Alkalinity system” of body, which is meant to be a significant part to comfort and boost the immunity system. Almond said to be rich in ‘vitamin E” that detoxify unnecessary flab and control on hunger as well, because almonds replenish all the required things of body. Here, for boosting immune system, we may have 10 pieces of almonds in a day, 5 in morning before breakfast and 5 at night while sleeping for a good outcome. It’s a perfect organic way to boost your immunity.

  • Dissuades constipation- Having a handful of almonds is an awesome way to keep off yourself from constipation, because by containing an excessive quantity of ‘fiber” almonds are good to digest your meal all time. While constipation, almonds can be taken thrice in a day with 4 number of pieces adding them in water or in an organic green tea for having control on constipation.

  • Sharpens up mind- Since always it was said that almond’s shape is just like a mind, and consumption of it admirably enhances brain growth of us and this hydrates organically the dried veins of mind by means of nutrients, calcium, mineral and potassium. For this particular purpose, we can add 7 almonds in a glass of boiled milk and should take it on regular basis, and this mentioned process effects amazingly on mind.

           Consume crisply scrumptious nuts for an unbreakable strength.


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