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Chemical Mosquito Repellants

With the availability of chemical diffusers in the market, we have now resorted to using them as quick and easy means of doing away with mosquitoes. These mosquito repellants are manufactured with chemicals and artificial scents and carry many health risks. The chemical agents used are harmful for everyone particularly children. Children with respiratory issues are especially vulnerable to the harmful chemicals that are used in these repellants. Sprays are also made with harmful materials to disperse strong odors into the environment.

Since these mosquito repellants are used indoors they are therefore, restricted inside the confined space, and contamination of the air is more than what would have been if they had been used outdoors. Considering the health hazards that we face with the commercial mosquito repellants, it becomes imperative that we switch over to a safer alternative.


Herbal Oil Diffusers

The association of essential oil diffusers and aromatherapy goes back long in history. Aromatherapy uses herbs in as a traditional method of healing ailments. So oil diffusers are aroma therapeutic applications in the form of aerial diffusion. It spreads the aromatic fragrance of the herbs and the oils and does the work of augmenting the environment.

So essential oils, in addition to emitting fragrance into the room, also have therapeutic advantages and offers incredible health benefits. 

Neem Oil: The leaves of this tree are one of the most potent mosquito repellants. Burning neem leaves in the vicinity can keep out mosquitoes. Alternatively, neem oil can be added to diffuser lamps. For the aroma though, one would have to add either citronella or other aroma giving oil.

Thyme Oil: Bugs are slowly becoming tough to the drugs which are being used on them. So, using natural agents to treat them is not only effective but also safe. Thyme oil is one essential oil which is derived from herbs and due to its antibacterial properties can be used safely anywhere. It can keep mosquitoes as well as moths and fleas away.

Lavender Oil: Lavender plants grow quite easily without needing any extra care. A couple of lavender pots are enough to drive out the mosquitoes. The other option is to mix lavender essential oil with water and use it in a spray bottle. Spraying this oil will protect your children from the mosquitoes and allow them a peaceful mosquito-free night. This can be directly applied to the skin.


Basil Oil: The basil oil finds use not only in the kitchen but, also as a pest controller. This herb has a lovely aroma even without being crushed. It has been shown to be an effective mosquito repellant. Adding some basil oil to an atomizer and spraying it can keep mosquitoes away.

Lemongrass oil: This oil is used as an ingredient to many skin care products such as shampoos, soaps, tonics and lotions. When using as an air freshener it is mixed with other essential oils and can be used via a vaporizer, diffuser or an oil burner. Its high geraniol and citral contents make it ideal for using as an insect repellant like ants and mosquitoes. It can be sprayed or used with a diffuser or can be rubbed on the skin.


Eucalyptus Oil: Eucalyptus oil can be used more effectively against mosquitoes than any other natural product. The distillate or hydrosol obtained from it can be used to keep away mosquitoes and is more stable than its essential oil. Since the hydrosol is able to provide protection against mosquitoes for hours, it is a very effective mosquito repellant which can be used especially to protect children. With its citrusy smell, it is a very useful natural insecticide.

Bergamot Oil: This can be used as an aromatic insect repellant spray. With its citrusy smell, it is a perfect natural insect repellant spray and wonderful oil for insect bites and stings. But, one should be careful not to use it outside to keep as an insect repellant as it is phototoxic.

Mosquitoes are having the time of their life in the summers and more so during the rainy monsoon seasons. But with these natural oil sprays keep your family safe from mosquitoes and also from the harmful and toxic effects of chemical mosquito repellants. Click here to know more about these natural oil sprays that are available.


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