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The Indians love their Masala Chai, and anyone who has been seduced by tea will know why. Once you become addicted to it, there is no looking back. But there are many health benefits associated with the Masala Chai  also, and you should be consuming it on a regular basis.



One of the ingredients of the Masala Chai – Ginger, is known to combat inflammation. Another ingredient of the Masala Chai which can fight inflammation in the muscles and reduces it is Clove. Moreover, each of the spices is a known pain killer.


Reduces Risks of Cancer

The common spices used in the preparation of Masala Chai  – Ginger, Cardamom, and Cinnamons have cancer-preventing properties due to the reason that they contain Antioxidants and Phytochemicals. When taken on a regular basis, these spices can reduce the risks of bowel and stomach cancer.


Good for the Heart

Black Tea, a constituent of the Masala Chai , possesses strong Antioxidant properties. Clove lowers the bad cholesterol and enhances the amount of the good cholesterol. This decreases the amount of plaque formation that is the root cause of arterial blocks.




Boosts Metabolism

How many of us know that some spices have the power to boost metabolism? The Masala Chai, laced with spices, stimulates the digestive as well as the pancreatic enzymes. It makes sure that our digestive system is in impeccable condition. It also speeds up metabolism as it is also believed to be a heat-generating beverage.


Checks Fatigue

There is nothing like a cup of Masala Chai, after a hard day’s work, to beat fatigue. This is due to the tannins that are present in tea which have a calming effect on the body and also revitalize it. The caffeine present in the drink, together with the spices, goes a long way in bringing vigor back to the tired body and mind.




Support for the Immune System

As it is well-known, on a cold day, a cup of hot Chai is enough to warm up our system. This is because the Antioxidants and Phytochemicals of the constituent spices of the Masala Chai  are a great support for our immune system and protects us from a cough and cold.


Support for the Digestive System

Black pepper present in the Masala Chai helps the pancreas to secrete digestive enzymes. It speeds up the process of digestion of fats and protein. Ginger too is popular as a digestive herb and plays an important role in healthy digestion. It also has the property to curb nausea. Another ingredient of the Masala Chai which also acts as a digestive stimulant is cinnamon.


Relieves PMS

During those regularly occurring time of each month when we need to fight the premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and a hot water bottle isn’t doing the trick, resort to a hot cup of chai. Cinnamon and ginger alleviate the pain which comes with PMS by balancing hormones.




Checks Diabetes

The ingredients present in a cup of Masala Chai – clove and cinnamon help in the prevention of diabetes by raising the insulin sensitivity. They also have the capacity to reduce blood sugar levels. Cinnamon also checks the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and keeps the mind sharp.




Substitute a glass of iced tea in place of soda or take a cup of this healthy Masala Chai  after a heavy meal and feel the difference.


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