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It is a process by which beverages of high nutritional value are prepared. It basically captures the essence of the various herbs and other medicinal plants into a consumable medium by brewing large quantities of herbs in a liquid. It bottles up the flavour, smell and nutrients of the herbs so that we can use them as per our need and convenience. The main media used to perform herbal infusion are water, oil and alcohol. The process taps the nutrients contained in the herbs into the media thus giving the body a way to consume the nutrients much more effectively. The resultant fluids that are obtained from the process are referred to as herbal infusions .

How is it done?

An herbal infusion is done by brewing large quantities of herbs in a fluid medium for a considerable amount of time so that all the nutrients and the beneficial contents of the herbs are tapped into the fluid. This fluid can be used later for consumption. The upside is that the herbal nutrients can now be stored in the medium for a long time without the benefits receding away.

To prepare an Herbal infusion, you need to have a considerable amount of the herb at hand. Dried herbs contain most of its original nutrients and can be easily soaked in a liquid medium. Hence to get the best results, always remember to use dried herbs. You can use roots and barks, flowers, leaves, seeds and berries, etc. for the purpose, and it can be any herb of your choice. The most popular ones  are Chamomile, Mint, Cinnamon, etc. Next you need boiled hot water and a heat-resistant jar with an airtight lid (glass or ceramic jar preferably) to store the infusion.


Place the herb that you have the jar and boil some water. Slowly pour the water into the jar so that it seeps through the herb, soaking in all it goodness. The advised proportion is 2 teaspoons of dried herb for every cup of water. The moment you are done pouring the water, shut the lid tight so that the nutrients don’t escape into the air as vapour. Let it sit for about 10-15 minutes to form the infusion.

After it’s done, you can use a strainer, if you want to, to transfer the infusion into a cup for drinking or other purposes. You can also add honey, lemon extracts, and other natural ingredients for taste. If you are making infusions for the health benefits, you need to let it sit for at least 4 hours so that the nutrients will be properly locked into the water.

The Benefits of Herbal infusion

  1. Detoxing

Herbal infusions are considered to be great detoxing agents. The nutrients contained in them help to cleanse the body by getting rid of the harmful and undesirable chemicals that have accumulated in the body over time. An infusion made from chamomile  is one of the most popular organic products used in detoxing the body.



  1. Anti-inflammatory capacity

Owing to the rich vitamin, antioxidant and mineral content, herbal infusions are known to have the high anti-inflammatory capacity. Consuming herbal infusions on a daily basis can help in the prevention of inflammatory diseases.

  1. Boosts immune system

Herbal infusions made from herbaceous plants like Echinacea, elderberries, lemon myrtle, rose hip, etc. have high vitamin contents that are essential for a healthy immune system. They help to increase white blood cell levels and thus to boost the body’s ability to fight infections.

  1. Helps in childbirth

Herbs like raspberry leaf have been found to have softening effects on the uterus. Hence, the herbal infusions made from these herbs make up the best uterine tonic. It also aids the mother to get a peaceful sleep.

  1. Energy booster

The herbal infusions like those made from mint  tend to have a calming effect on the nerves and give you a positive energy, perfect for starting the day happily.

Adding herbal infusions to your daily diet can bring a lot of healthy changes in your life. It will keep your body healthy and the mind peaceful and calm. To know more about other organic drinks that can help you boost your health, click here .


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