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Oils have been remedies and effective solutions to most health and beauty issues. A variety of oils are made and used for various purposes nowadays. As more oils are being used for a variety of purposes, there are now numerous categories of oil, classifying them according to their uses. Some are used for massages, some for beauty treatments, a few for remedy purposes and a lot more. Carrier oils are a special kind of natural oils which are of utmost importance when taking care of your skin. Carrier oils have special properties and are largely used for skin care and repair purposes.

What should you know about Carrier Oils?

Carrier oils  are basically extracted from vegetables and are completely pure and natural. They are mostly extracted from various kinds of nuts and seeds. These oils are largely used for aromatherapies. This is because they are used in combination with essential oils while massages and therapies.


An interesting part about the name is that, since the oil carries important nutrients to the skin, they are thus named ‘Carrier Oils’. There is a variety of carrier oils made from various seeds and nuts, and one can choose according to their preference.

Why are Carrier Oils a Must have for you?

Carrier oils are not just normal vegetable oils having a few benefits. These oils have impressive benefits which can work wonders for your skin. Here’s a quick list of benefits you can gain with the use of Carrier Oils:

  • To Dilute the Essential Oils: One of the most important features of carrier oils is that it acts as a diluter for essential oils. As essential oils are quite potent and volatile in nature, they cannot be used directly on the skin. So to dilute the effect one has to use a carrier oil.



  • A Light Moisturizer: Carrier oils are completely natural and go through comparatively less processing and filtering than other kinds of oils and moisturizers. Almost all carrier oils, especially almond, and jojoba carrier oils  work exceptionally in moisturizing the skin.



  • Treats Dry and Cracked Skin easily: Again as carrier oils are completely pure and natural, they show result better than any other kind of creams or processed oils on the dry skin. With the application of carrier oils like Olive Oil  or Avocado oil, one can see results very quickly.


  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Mostly all carrier oils have amazing anti-inflammatory properties which certainly prevent acne breakouts on the skin and helps in keeping the skin healthier and smoother.
  • A Completely Pure Oil: Of course the oil has to go through some pressing and processes but this is certainly one of the purest and natural kind of oils that are made.
  • Plenty of Nutrients to add to your Skin : Since carrier oils are made from nuts and seeds and go through less processing, they contain a lot of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins which are very healthy for the skin.


  • A Number of Purposes: If you think that carrier oils can only be used for application on the skin then you are not aware of the number of purposes that it has. It can be used as a moisturizer, the oil is also used for various therapies, is used for Aromatherapy the oil is also great for hair care, can be used for cosmetics, beauty products, cleaning and also cooking.
So many benefits of carrier oils make it utmost necessary to own and start using them as soon as possible. Carrier oils are one such beauty and skin ailment which is sure to give you a number of benefits in no time. So why waste time thinking? Go and get yourself one.


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