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The presence of incense in any occasion brings about feeling of peace and calm. The wonderful aroma that gently floats around the room brings with it a feeling of complete mysticism fully of positivity. Incense hails from the Latin word incendere, which means to burn. Incense has been used for centuries for religious, auspicious or simply for pleasurably reasons.

The Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks, Roman, residence of the ancient Indus Valley civilisation, Ancient Chinese and Japanese used incense as part of their daily rituals. In modern times incense burning is used for mostly religious ceremonies, mostly by the Buddhists and Hindus.

Incense is considered to bring with it purification and clarity of thought. The burning of incense is associated with the process of purification. In most Asian cultures it is believed that burning incense would wards off malevolent energies and it turn makes room for more positive energies to fill the mind and space around the area where the incense is burned. In ancient China and Japan, incense was used to perfume the clothing’s of warriors before war, as a blessing. It was also burnt in the houses of both the royals and commoners as part of their prayer offering. It is believed that the fragrance awakens the subconscious mind, strengthening ones connection with God. It is a mood up lifter and helps generate positivity.


It is also believed that incense burning can also help to keep at bay, viruses in the air and air travelling bacteria that travels in the air.

It is thus, no wonder that even today, during religious precedes incense in frequently used. Incense is also advised to be used while practicing yoga, or for someone who needs to calm their senses. In ancient times, chemicals were not frequently used, thus incense was made from using flowers and other plant plants such as the leaves or even the roots.

With the advancement of science and use of chemicals incense generating products are easily available and now highly poisonous. Thus, it is important to use incense that is approved by organically approved makers. When it comes to health, one should not compromise even if it just with incense. Burning incense that has high chemical compositions can result in lung related issues and in some cases cancer as well.

Incense is different from perfume as one is required to burn the incense. The smell of a perfume is shorter lived than the fragrance that is left over by burning incense.

Incense is available in a number of ways-

  • Incense sticks- incense generating material is neatly placed on sticks. All that one needs to do it burn the top end of the stick. The stick can then be placed in a holder and left to burn out.

  • Incense oils- These scented oils are meant to be poured in raised containers, a candle can be placed under container. Once the oil gets heated the aroma spreads all around.
  • Scented candles- The wax that is used to make the candles is scented with incense. Once the candle is lit the incense starts to spread.
  • Cones- Incense generating material that is formed in the shape of a cone. The tip of the cone needs to the burnt in order for the incense to spread.

  It is available in a variety of fragrances today, some that are available depending on the type of mood that one is in.

  • Floral Incense, from a practically any fresh smelling flower.
  • Incense for depression
  • Incense to boost energy
  • Incense to calm the mind
  • Incense to bring down high blood pressure
  • Fruity smelling incense from the sweetest of flavours
  • And the list can go on

Incense is easily available at any store, and in any manner that one wants to buy and burn the incense. The art of incense has its roots planted, from ancient times and brings with it even today lots of mystic beauty and positivity.

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