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Organic Honey has been known for its spectacular healing properties since ages. It is has been used in the form of honey water or in its raw form for the overall health of the body. However, the benefits of Organic Honey are often underestimated, especially when talking about its less known functions such as healing topical wounds and as an agent for allergy control.

Organic Honey as an Agent to Accelerate Wound Healing

In the days before the invention of Penicillin, Organic Honey was a conventional therapy used in fighting infection in wounds. Organic Honey is a form of antibiotic in natural form. Certain types of honey have a stronger antibiotic effect than others and are able to destroy bacteria effectively and resolve the cause of the infection completely. Research suggests that Organic Honey has certain proteins that contain properties which can resist infection from bacteria, virus or fungus. Honey bees, which produce the pure natural honey from organically cultivated crops, are able to infuse certain properties and chemicals from plants including flavonoids, antioxidants, phenolics and phytochemicals which have the property of limiting the activity of harmful microorganisms.


The impact of Organic Honey on wound care is only beginning to be understood during the past decade. Researchers feel that effective treatment of wounds by Organic Honey is mainly due to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action on injuries, lesions and abrasions of the skin. There has been evidence confirmed through several experiments and animal studies about the healing accelerated by Organic Honey. It is not surprising that Organic Honey is quite close to finding its way in traditional medicine as a mainstream healing agent.


How Organic Honey Works to Control Allergies in the Human System

When it comes to allergy control, Organic Honey works as a remarkable agent in training your immune system to resist a particular allergen. In other words, it works as a natural form of vaccine for the pollens and allergy causing agents in plants that might be locally present. When honey bees visit those plants for nectar, they also infuse their honey with all chemicals and agents that will produce a vaccine like effect in our body. Therefore people who might be likely to develop allergies from local flowers and plants are able to overcome the same by resisting the allergy causing agent by way of immune system function enhanced by the consumption of Organic Honey.

Why You Should Select Only Organic Honey for Wound Care and Allergy Control

It is very important to select the right type of honey when it comes to benefiting from the medicinal advantages of the holistic health solution. Only Organic Honey contains what it takes to produce the right response to an external infection or an internal allergy causing agent. The number of industries engaged in the production of Organic Honey is huge and growing everyday. However, not all brands are free from adulteration, and an impure form of honey that has been diluted or contaminated by chemical agents or purposefully adulterated can prove to be less than beneficial and even harmful at times.


It is therefore extremely important to choose only Organic Honey for effective wound care and allergy control. Another point to note is that honey differs in terms of varieties and properties even in the sector of organically extracted forms. This means that honey gathered from bees that have visited Manuka flowers for example is infused with the high levels of bacterial, fungal and viral resisting properties that make it a great antibiotic, antiviral agent or antifungal agent to speed up wound healing. On the other hand, Organic Honey extracted from hone bees frequenting a saffron flower field carry with them a host of other benefits that are infused from the chemical agents found in saffron flowers. While both varieties and Organic Honey are equally splendid, with overwhelming benefits for the whole body, their action is quite different.

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